Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More storms. And soap. A good combo, right?

There were more storms all around last night here. Several mountain roads closed due to mud slides. A lady in Walker Co. where we live, was killed when a tree fell on her mobile home. So sad. And scary. And more heading our way. It's been like this for weeks now. Storms at night. Late. Huge loud thunder and bright lightening. It's so wet here. Just a mud pit. Wonder if it's going to be like this the rest of fall and winter.

I worked in the studio most of the day. Made a new soap with shea butter, cast, coconut and mostly olive oil. With rosemary and peppermint EO's. I also used dried powdered parsley flakes for color. It's still a bit soft so will wait some more to cut it. And I have no idea how to cut this one. This is the mold, which is a glass loaf pan, that I made the lavender-oat soap but wasn't this tall.  This is taller than the mold. They will be thinner bars but 4 oz. each. It really smells good.

Also worked on more dryer balls. And made a few more smaller orange felted pumpkins. And have been working on a goat for a week now. Goats are really hard. This one's a Nubian. Got her all done, with an udder, but every time I look at her, I have to work on her some more. IF I get her to where I like her, she's going to be $50 at least. Lots of hours so far. So I may just stick with cute fluffy sheep.

The soap in front is some I made with goldenrod tea. Had to take a pic for a soap forum because someone was thinking of doing this. I used a bar last night in the shower and really like the lather. It's a bit more squeaky than the other soaps. Don't know if it's the goldenrod or not. But I liked it. Not much scent though. Just a nice clean bar.

I might be going out today with my mom, if it's not pouring rain and windy. I need more oils for more soap! I need to make more charcoal soap. I have 2 bars left. So far, the best seller.

I could not get the husband to go anywhere yesterday. He seems fine now. Blood sugar is great. Been feeding him good healthy foods. We had the oldest and youngest grand daughters most of the weekend, so that keeps him happy. I hear him telling someone on the phone he may go see if his PC doc can see him this week. He's been going to her every other week so far til last week. She said she's see him in April if nothing happens. I guess it'll be sooner.Will let y'all know. And thanks SO much for all the prayers and good thoughts for him. He needs them for sure!


Betty Ann said...

I still think he needs to report this episode to the doctor. asap.

Kris said...

He went today to the doctor. I'll do a post about it.