Thursday, October 30, 2014

Campbelle. And 36 years.

Mom and I drove down to get my sister Monday to take her to Savannah for surgery Tuesday. Heidi had a job interview at Ga. Southern before we left for Savannah. She was already so stressed about the surgery, so we hope her interview went well and she gets the job. She's worked there before for several years before she moved to Colorado. So we all hope she gets back in there again. With her house burning and not being able to find a contractor to rebuild, plus everything else going on, she has had a rough time of it for the past few months. She needs some good stuff to happen. She'll be looking for an apartment so she can get closer to GSU while they are rebuilding her house.

We stayed til Wed. when they finally let her out if the hospital. At 3:30. What happened to discharging patients before 11:00? Geeze, all the computer work these days is crazy! So we got her back to her daughter's and settled in. It was about 6 by then. And we had another 300 miles to drive. Got to mom's about 12:30. She was so tired. I kept trying to get her to lay the seat back so she could sleep. She said she can't sleep in a car. But I'd look over at her and her head would be down flat on her chest. Poor mom. She got a little sleep. But she's in bed by 7 most every evening.  So I know she was slap worn out.

I got home about 1:30. Soon as I got out of the car, I could hear a lamb, far away. All the other sheep were right where I could see them. I'm the only one with sheep within several miles. So I knew it was one of my babies, calling for help. I got my flashlight (thank you SO much Sue! That little tiny flashlight is amazing and bright and I can see all over with it. Best little flashlight ever.) and took off for the front corner of the pasture, where I knew she was. I knew who it was, because she'd been in the same place a few days earlier. Poor Campbelle. I don't know how long she'd been there, but my husband said he heard baaaaing when he got home after dark too. But didn't associate it with a lamb needing help.

I have a cattle panel in front of some field fence in the corner of the pasture, where my cow had messed the fence up years ago. This is how I fixed it. This lamb has been stuck in the same place a few times already. All I have to do is lift up on the field fence and she can get out. Poor baby. She was probably there all day like that. She was a little wobbly when we started walking back. So I moved the sheep back over to the other side til I can get that fence fixed properly.

She's one of my 3 bottle babies. One of the quads. She's the sweetest one of the whole bunch. I can get all the sweet lamb kisses I want from her and she just lets me. I love her. And I would hate for anything bad to happen to her.

This is some of the other sheep, in the back pasture. Don't know why Campbelle was in the back yard by herself. But then some of the other lambs came to be with her.

It's such a beautiful day today. Cool, but nice. I'm washing and hanging clothes out on the line.

That darn rat is still hanging out under the sink. The other day, I noticed this thick brown liquid on the floor under the cabinet.  It was some furniture polish that the nasty rat had bitten into the bottle and gotten all over the cabinet under the sink. So it's nice and stained real pretty. And I got it cleaned good while I did that. I never did find the bottle.

When I got home last night, I heard some noise and went to look under the sink. There was a bottle of vinegar water on it's side with holes chewed in the bottom of the bottle. Got that cleaned up and thrown away.

Then this morning I was looking for a bucket and saw this. In the bucket. It's my hand milker. Without the rubber tubing and syringe that hooked to the teat. Gone. Can't find it anywhere under there. I can tell it's been chewed off. I guess that nasty rat is making a nest? Ugh! I am going to have to get a trap. This is getting bad. Stupid rat.

While we were gone, me and hubby celebrated our 36th anniversary. Apart again. I think the past 30 years, we have never spent one together. He's been on the road. And last year, he got home and almost died. But he got me roses. And he sent me a text with a picture of my roses for this year, while me and mom were waiting for my sister's surgery to be over.  I almost cried. He's so sweet. Don't tell him, but I really never have liked roses. But he's always gotten them for me. One year, he had to leave the day before our anniversary. When I got up the next morning, he had yellow roses in the fridge. I did cry then. It's just the fact that he's always done this for me. No matter what. Last year, he could barely walk and was so sick. But he went to a store and hobbled inside to get my roses. Then got to his truck stop and called me and said he didn't think he'd make it home. He was in the hospital 7 days. One year ago. I do love him. And his roses.


Su Ba said...

I'm glad to hear that the lash light came in handy....and really, really glad that your sheep was ok n the end.

Funny that you have that rat in the kitchen right at the same one I've it one. It chewed a hole in a screen window and got in. I have no idea where it is hiding during the day. I've set up several traps but haven't killed the buggah yet. Dang rat!

Kris said...

My creature is still around. And now we have a mouse. A very brave mouse. Ran right across the stove last night when I went in. Darn rodents! I have got to get some traps.

Abby said...

Beautiful red roses