Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rosemary-Mint soap.

I cut the soap today. I really had a hard time getting each slice to 4 oz. Hard for me to gauge. So I have some samples now. I really like this soap. Smells amazing and I love the color.

So I am really wanting to make some HP soap now.I found a crock pot at the thrift the other day. And I just love the rustic look and the HP soap. I may even be able to make goat milk soap this way. I just need to research the process and watch you tube videos. It'll have to wait til Thursday now. Tomorrow's market day.

There is something HUGE under my kitchen sink, rattling the bottles I store under the sink. And trying to get out! I saw some really big rodent poop.Way bigger than tiny mouse poop. More like a big gigantic rat or maybe even a possum. Huge poop. So awhile ago, when I heard it again, I got Bubba and Stella in there. Bubba just about disappeared in the cabinet trying to find what ever's in there. It was even rattling the doors. Big evil creature, in my kitchen, just a few feet away from me. I do not like this at all.


Su Ba said...

Yikes! Got a big rat? That's scary.

Betty Ann said...

Really scary. Could be a possum or a coon. They are nocturnal. I would bungee the cabinet doors closed until you figure it out!! There are critter exterminators you could hire but that eliminates all the soap and felt critter profits for months! ugh. We had flying squirrels in our attic over our bed and heard scurrying and gnawing all night. They chewed in and out through the cedar siding of our house 40 feet up! Some nice damage there and insurance didn't cover the exterminator. Your critter could be coming in through the roof and coming down inside the walls. Good luck solving the mystery. I'm sure you have nothing else on your plate right now. Still praying for your Hubby.

Kris said...

I haven't heard a thing since I let Bubba and Stella have a go at it. I let them back under the sink a few times since too. So maybe it got too scared to come back. I sure hope so.