Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fallen leaves...

there's starting to be a lot of them, all over now. And with all the storms we're having, that just makes them fall faster. We have several maple trees in the yard and down the driveway.  Most are Silver maples. But in the corner of the yard is a beautiful red maple. I also planted a Sugar maple a few years ago in the front yard. It's not doing as well as some of the other maple trees I've planted. I hope it will take off soon. They are so pretty.

 Yesterday, on the way home from the farmer's market, I just had to pull over and stop. In front of me were the most beautiful clouds I had ever seen. They were huge and probably a few miles ahead. I was facing South. There was a big white cloud surrounded by light gray clouds and a long narrow shelf of cloud underneath. I wish I had my camera so I could have taken pictures of this. So the outer clouds had the most beautiful lightening, that would light up the clouds almost pink. It was awesome. I don't usually like storms, but this one had my full attention. Every few minutes, there would be a long streak of lightening shooting straight down. But the colors were amazing. And it was very slow, moving to the east. I probably sat there 30 minutes watching this beautiful cloud show. Just thinking about how awesome God is. And how powerful. But then it started getting dark, and I hate night storms, So I went on home. And it got darker and darker. It had already went through my area. The roads were all wet. When I got home, the sheep and alpacas were out back, in the barn. It must have been pretty fierce for them to have gone in the barn.

I am going to town, to the courthouse today, to see what I need to do to get my little studio opened as a fiber art store. I have no idea. Maybe a small business license? I will find out soon. I hope I will be able to do this here. I am just a little frustrated with the farmer's market right now. I am not making anything extra after fees and gas and time. I will also go around to some little shops and see if they might let me put my soaps and fiber art on display. Or sell them soap. Don't know how that works either. Will find out soon.


An At Home Daughter said...

One of the goat milk soap makers in our area got the privately owned feed stores to carry her soaps and lotions and such. It's an extra outlet for her, as she already does farmers markets. Now the feed stores are selling a few other peoples creations also, like hand crocheted hats.

Betty Ann said...

I hope you find another outlet. Our market days end on the 25th of October and we are wondering how to keep the money flowing through the winter.

Kris said...

Our feed store in the valley just closed down. They did sell someone's goat milk soaps and my friend's alpaca ornaments and scarves. I didn't make it out yesterday but might try a few shops after market tomorrow.

I know winter is when we need more money. I wish I had high tunnels or green houses now so I could grow all winter like some farmers do around here. That would be nice. The 2 markets I go to go all year. They just go down to an hour after the time changes. I'll keep going on nice days. Soap doesn't do too good in the rain.