Wednesday, October 15, 2014

He went to the doctor today...

and he said it was not a TIA, but most likely caused by a spike in blood pressure. We had company Saturday and had pizza. He had to go get 2 of our grand daughters before we ate. When he got home, he just ate. He usually takes all his pills before eating, then a few after. Well, he didn't take any. Then remembered a few hours later, so made a PB&J sandwich and took all his pills. He thinks he did not take one of his BP meds. The doctor said that would most definitely cause a blood pressure spike and then blurry vision and confusion. SO, that is good news that it wasn't a TIA. But not good that he forgot to take his meds. He's usually pretty good about taking them. The doctor also said to take them at the same time every day too.

I've been feeding him good healthy food and his blood sugar readings have been great for him! So that's a good thing. And his foot is looking a little better every week. If we can get that healed, he can walk more which will bring that BS and BP down.

He thanks you all for your prayers and concerns. He is such a man and doesn't talk much about things he's feeling. So it's hard for him to have something like this to happen.

I found this at Whole Foods yesterday. It's turmeric root. Great for diabetics. Also a natural antibiotic. I am going to be making tea with it. I might even make a salve too.I just thought it was pretty cool. Almost forgot to add that I use this for wounds as well. On us and animals. I use the dried turmeric and 100% pure aloe, make a past with about equal parts, and slather on the wound. It heals within days.

It's cold now! All of a sudden, it feels like fall. A rather wet fall, but fall. I was freezing at market today. It was so dark and cloudy but never rained. I was so glad to get back home.


Kristin said...

Prayers for your hubby!

I've wanted to get some fresh turmeric too. My dad and MIL use the dried for joint issues.

Betty Ann said...

Whew! What a relief! I am so glad he went to the doctor and got good news.

Kris said...

Thank you both for the prayers!