Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday on the farm

Last night it got down to around 39 degrees. It was cold! But we didn't turn the heat on. Or start a fire yet. My husband had that procedure done Friday on his leg veins and the doctor said no heavy lifting for awhile. So no getting in firewood for him yet. I guess if I have to I will. But sure is nice to have someone else do it for me. And it gives him something to do, right? He's doing great so far. His legs are warm, which is a miracle in itself. We are hoping now that he is getting a good blood flow to his foot now, that that nasty ulcer will heal faster. So for now, he is taking it easy. Been watching this boring show all day called Jessie Stone. I am so glad I've been busy all day. But when I come in, all I hear is that boring music and droning voice.

So I have been in my studio, making soap and a few fairies. And taking lots of pictures too. Here are some of the animals of Outback Farm...

Louise, the cow. I think she looks a lot bigger than when she came here a few months ago. And the sheep and alpacas hang out with her now.

These darn chickens. I got 2 eggs today. I found 9 eggs over in my flower garden a few days ago. I'll get 6 or 7 eggs in the nester in the coop most days. But then I have to go on egg hunts to find more. I am sort of getting tired of this. They are laying them some place that I can't find now and I am not liking it. I have only gotten 2 dozen eggs since Thursday. Not good when I need to sell them at the market. Eggs go for $6 a dozen right now. So I think these guys will be in chicken jail for awhile again.

This is Sybil. I've had this cat for about 9 years now. I got her and her brother from a friend. My daughter took the boy a little later. Had them both fixed. I have all my cats and dogs fixed. She's a good cat. She is deaf. I sneak up on her sometimes and it scares her. I don't mean to. I have 5 other cats. All as old or older than she is. And the fig trees have doubled in size since last year. They have little figs on them, but I don't think I'll be getting any.

Here's my alpaca boys. I've had these guys a year now and have probably touched them maybe 5 times? The red one. The white one maybe 2 times. He just does not like me. He tolerates me, but does not like me. I always get the ears back and that silly look when I talk to him. The red one is a little more friendly. But if they see me with the water hose, they come closer to get hosed down. They love getting wet on a hot day.
I like these guys, but they sure are strange animals. Maybe one day, they'll like me. From what I hear, they live a very long time. So maybe, just maybe, we might learn to like each other by then.

I hope you all have had a nice weekend. It's been a beautiful fall weekend here. The trees have just a hint of color now. My mom's eye has more fall color than the trees do right now! It's all kinds of yellow. Her hand is not different colors anymore, except her thumb.  And her knee is a bit better. Except that she mowed her yard Thursday. She said she probably shouldn't have. Ya think. mom? But she's stubborn.

I did make more soap today. I'll post pics this week. Some different soaps for sure.


Betty Ann said...

My dad had non-healing diabetic ulcers on his feet and had the procedure done that turned veins into arteries to restore blood flow to his feet. It worked wonders for him. Goodness, that was about fifteen or twenty years ago. I remember hearing him speak of warm feet again. Modern medicine can work wonders. Prayers for your Hubby.

Once again, love your pictures!

An At Home Daughter said...

The picture with the alpacas looks so scenic.
What's growing in that back field on the right?

Kris said...

Isn't it amazing what doctors can do? I sure wish someone had mentioned this a long time ago. He is feeling so much better already. And thanks for prayers!

Kris said...

Kimberly, that was a corn field this summer. Then they come in and plant a cover crop of something or other. Who knows. It's GM corn, I do know that. It takes just a few weeks after planting when it's 10' tall.

I love my views out here. That's Pigeon Mt. to the East and Lookout Mt. is behind us. It's beautiful out here.