Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pretty scary last night.

Last night, while putting sheets and blankets on the couch for the youngest grand daughter who was staying the night, my husband said he wasn't feeling right. He had the Nascar race on TV and had been sleeping a little. I asked what he felt like. He had a hard time saying anything. Then he said he couldn't remember anything. Like all of us. He couldn't remember who his kids were. Or the grand kids. Or me. I was getting scared. I usually laugh when someone gets hurt or falls or anything like that. It's the way I handle it. I don't mean to at all. It's just what comes out. But not then. I was starting to get really scared seeing my husband like this and was crying. He was trying to say something and would look down and had tears in his eyes too. Then he'd try again. This went on for at least 15 minutes. Both kids came in the living room. I was getting dressed to take him to the ER. He was remembering a lot by then. He went to the dining room and took his blood sugar reading. It was 200. This happened about 9:35. About 9:50 we took his blood pressure. It was 198/100. Took it again a few minutes later and it was down a little. Then back to normal for him about 10 minutes later. I had given him 2 low dose Bayer aspirin too, before taking BP. I called his sister and she told me to do that. Anyway, he refused to go to the ER. He seemed fine after all this.

 It must have been a TIA. Transient Ischemic Attack. I looked up the symptoms of a stroke and got a whole page on TIA's. He had all the ones listed. Numbness, confusion, trouble seeing. He had all these. It also said that 15% of people who have TIA's will have a stroke within 2 days. 45% will have a stroke in a few weeks after.

I was with Mrs. T not long ago when she did this, but so much worse. She couldn't get any words to come out right.  It doesn't last long. Maybe 10-20 minutes. But in that time, it's the scariest thing ever to witness. I just absolutely panic and freak out. I cannot handle it. I am worried to death now. Like any minute, he's going to have a major stroke and I'll lose him. I hate this. I'm afraid to leave him alone now. Or let him drive. My mom called him and talked him into calling his doctor tomorrow. But it's a holiday.

And it's done nothing but  RAIN for days now. And more rain to come this week. Yay?


Sandra Morris said...

I hope he calls the dr. How scary!!

Betty Ann said...

He must see a doctor. There are acute care facilities that are open on holidays. Prayers. Hugs.

Betty Ann said...

He must see a doctor. There are acute care facilities that are open on holidays. Prayers. Hugs.

Iris said...

I know it's a holiday today, but not all offices are closed. I'm going to call Charlie to see if he checked with his doctor. Kris, I love the pictures of the flowers. Can you bring your camera tomorrow and take pictures of the yellow flowers on my fence? My pineapple sage is all blooming; looks very pretty.

An At Home Daughter said...

Sorry to hear about your husband. You need to get a hot poker or cattle prod and shoo that man in to the doctors. My uncle wen't through this sort of thing several times before he went to the hospital. They told him he was having stokes. I'm not sure what they ended up doing for him, but I know they told him no more cigarettes. He smoked 2 packs a day (I didn't even know, but I rarely see him.). He hasn't had one since.

Su Ba said...

He needs to see his doctor for sure. My dad had two or three of those "attacks" before they got him regulated. He was on blood thinners and never had another attack for years and years.