Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's looking like fall!

This is my market booth last Saturday. I had a little help, Autumn, from the next booth. Her and her little sister and mom came out to the farm several months ago. She calls me Farmer Kris. I love it! She likes to hang out with me in my booth. So I let her set out my little needle felted critters. She loved it.

Here is my Basil and Peaches-n-Cream soaps I made last week. They really turned out pretty. The basil smells amazing. And I love the peach soap.

Yesterday, I went over to the studio and made a bunch of dryer balls. I made a lot of plain white one and 12 of these cuter ones. I really have fun making these. I never know how they'll turn out. Wool kind of has a mind of it's own.

Here they are, all wrapped into the hose and ready to be dunked in the hot water in the washer. Then they get tossed into the dryer for awhile til they are felted really good. Then into a cute basket and taken to market to sell. Don't know if I already mentioned this, but last week a sweet lady came by my booth and just fell in love with all my woolie things. She ended up buying most all of my decorated wool balls and several felted pumpkins and the cute ewe and lamb that I had made the week before. And she was not going to use the dryer balls in the dryer. She said they were just too pretty to be hidden in the dark dryer. That made me feel so good.

This is the Peaches-n-Cream soap a few days later. I took it outside and am very pleased with how these turned out. I love the sunbeams in this one.

And this one has the old milk room in the back ground. And all the leaves.

And this is the raw milk yogurt with clay soap I made the same day as the other day. It was just a little 2 pound recipe, so not many bars.

And here's my poor momma. She fell Saturday, right on her left side. She's a mess. Broke her left thumb pretty good. Her knee is a whole lot better. Her eye is really a cool color now. She really is so fortunate to only have broken her thumb. She will be looking better in a few weeks. She would have been pretty scary for Halloween, don't ya think? She's so sweet.

And we're hoping my sister will be able to just get the front of her house redone. Still talking to insurance people. Just takes a long time to get anything started. But she will be fine. And have a new house soon.

I'm going to have produce to take to market tomorrow! I have really nice looking baby kale and radishes. Plus dandelion greens and maybe some apples. Seems like there's something else I'm not remembering. I had to borrow another table from mom so I'll have a place to put all that. Plus some eggs too. I need to make more money to pay for my spinning class in November.


Betty Ann said...

Thanks for the update on Mom and Sis. I had a dear friend whose leash entanglement caused a broken leg. Way dangerous. I presume Mrs. T is ok. Prayers. Keep us posted when you can.

On a brighter note, your wool items and soaps are to die for oh my goodness gorgeous!! Your booth is very impressive.

Kris said...

Thank you! I like a colorful booth. And yes, Mrs. T is good. Went by yesterday on the way to mom's and she thought it was Friday. Kept looking at her paper to see what day it was and I kept saying it's still Tuesday. She's so funny.

Su Ba said...

I've been busy this past week caring for my own mom who's been sick. So since she's doing better, I'm back catching up on your posts, Wow, so sorry to here about your mom! It's really scary when they take a fall. That eye shiner looks really bad. Looks worse than the thumb though I bet the thumb hurt a lot more. Glad that she didn't get hurt any worse.

Kris said...

She's looking a whole lot better now. Her knee is a bit wonky though. Kind of worried about that. I hope your mother is better too.