Monday, March 31, 2014

This is a first!

I woke up earlier than usual this morning because I had a busy day with mom and Mrs. T. so wanted to get all my chores done quick. When I went outside, I heard that familiar sound new momma goats make when they are talking to their babies. I looked all around the barn and saw all the goats but Sandy. Went to look for her outside.

She was under the pine trees with a little wet baby. I went back in to get towels and when I got back out, I saw feet so knew another was coming. The dark brown kid was first. Then the little blond kid came out. I caught her. Got them all dried off. It was cold, so I moved them over to a sunny spot.

I was really surprised. Sandy is always the last to kid. Always! And she didn't even look that big and her udder wasn't anything to brag about last night. So she fooled me!

AND they are both does! And they both have 2 toggles each! They are adorable. This makes her having 5 doe kids in 2 years now.

Sandy is the best mother. So I didn't worry about leaving her outside. It was a very warm day, nearly 80.

But this is where all the kids end up, under the ledge in the first stall. Aren't they so cute? I am thinking I'll name the dark kid Joanie Mitchell and the blonde kid maybe Carly Simon.  Still thinking though. Could be Judy Collins. Joanie and Judy.

It was a great day to have babies! I hope you all had a great Monday too.

Still waiting on Zarah and Zeeboo. I so hope they have theirs this week.


Kristin said...

Go Sandy! Aren't they just the cutest. I don't have any with "toggles" but I think goat jewelry is awfully cute too.

Betty Ann said...

Oh so adorable!!

An At Home Daughter said...

Now I really can't wait for Kidding! I think ours are supposed to start late April. I will have to check the calendar.
We have always called "toggles" "waddles". Whatever the silly things are we love them. For some reason it seems most people hate them. So strange.

Kris said...

They are sweet kids. And so friendly too. These aren't afraid of people like most of them are.

Can't wait to see everyone's kids! I love them.