Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bridgette's lamb, # 33

So finally, we are DONE with lambing! Yesterday morning, went out to feed and didn't see Bridgette. She stuck her head out the middle stall door, so I knew she must of had a lamb. Went to check and here it is! The 20th lamb born at Outback Farm, Clancey, #33. Just a single ram lamb. I thought for sure, as big as she was, she'd have twins. But no. And that's just fine. For the first lamb, have singles.

At first, she looked like she was pushing him away from her. But I think now he's looking good. I went ahead and gave him and Cora their CDT shots so I can dock their tails. Then I can let them all next door.

He's sort of gray and white right now. But time will tell. He's a little sweetie.

Sunday, my friends came to get Bilbo Baggins, the Hobbit Ram. They're also getting Charlotte and Claire when they are weaned in June. Ron sent me a text and said Bilbo is lonely. He has calves that he could put Bilbo in with. I hope he does. It was really like a rodeo trying to catch this guy. Ron put this funnel on his head in the truck. So cute!

I am having to bottle feed the other 2 quads. The poor little guys are not getting the milk they need from Amarillo. She hardly ever lets them nurse. I catch her sometimes letting them for just a few seconds and that's it. The smallest one is always at my feet so I just bring a bottle when I go out.

The other 3 ewe lambs are growing like weeds. Already have gained several pounds. They are still inside due to this crappy weather. I let them out when it's sunny, which it hasn't been in several days now. But they are good. I will be keeping these 3 plus April's ewe lamb, Cheney. I'm selling all 6 of the Finn ewes and all the other lambs. I'll keep all the hair sheep, which is 8 ewes and the ewe lambs. Plus my 3 bottle Finn ewes. So 12 sheep isn't too many for me. I think I can handle that number. I have 32 right now. But by the end of June, I hope to be down to just the 12 sheep. So does anyone need some sheep?

I went yesterday to see the herb doctor. But they are only open Wed.-Sat. So will have to go back later. I am still trying to get over this attack. I feel like someone punched me in the ribs. It hurts to even sneeze. I didn't eat anything til yesterday afternoon. Then just a little bit. This morning I had scrambled eggs. So a little better. But never want to go through that again!


Kristin said...

Go Bridgette, go! You've had a population explosion at Outback Farm. Don't even tempt me with sheep.

Iris said...

I'm glad all the babies are here and doing well. Now you'll have time to concentrate on your garden. Hope you got what you needed from the herb doctor. My day is frustrating! The sun would help if it would shine. At noon the temp was the same as when I got up (48). Supposed to get to 62, but I don't see that happening.