Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 gardens underway!!

It has been amazing here the past week. No rain. March wind drying things up.

So I got outside. I got 2 wheelbarrows of really good alpaca poop that's been composting out back. And 2 barrows full of compost me and the chickens have been working on. And several bags of leaves that mom gave me and have been sitting along the driveway for way too long. All that went on just a few long wide rows. I worked it in real good. Got collards, kale and lettuce planted already!

I really love this tiller. Tiny got it going for me last week, so it was ready to go with just one pull. Great tiller.

I got about 3/4 of this garden tilled. I'll be doing 2 more garden spots as this one fills up. I am ready for a good gardening and market year this year. After the bad one last year, I am all set to get started and make this a good market garden. I just hope we don't get flooded like last year. I need to make a trench up in the yard above the garden. Maybe divert the little creeks that come from the back of the property.

When we first moved here almost 10 years ago, this garden was nothing bur red clay. It was awful. I have been adding compost, leaves, animal manures and whatever else I can find to add to it. It actually looks almost like brown soil now. Still hard in some places where I haven't been tilling. But I plan on using this whole garden this year.

I am so thankful for such beautiful weather here. I was looking at some blogs up North and they still have several feet of snow on the ground. I can't even imagine. We are in the 70'2 here. But in a few days, we'll be back down in the 20's at night. I'll have to cover blueberry bushes.

Are there any other market gardeners out there? What's going on in your gardens right now? Or are you just dreaming of when you can get to it?


Tami said...

Wasn't it wonderful to be out and working in the dirt? We just cleaned things up and as I pulled weeds I found worms. WORMS! I'm so happy our amendments are bringing the soil to life too.

I'm still hesitant though. I would usually get onions, lettuce, carrots and peas in about now. I'm going to wait a few more weeks. Something telss me it's going to be a late Spring.

Kris said...

I know, it will probably do some crazy stuff here too. Last year was monsoons and I had to replant several times. If I do get any plants, I'll wait til the weekend to plant them. But I won't worry about seeds. I need some carrot seeds too.

It is a good idea to wait a few more weeks. But it is so dry here right now. And a lot of people are starting their gardens. Gotta get it while we can around here!