Thursday, March 13, 2014

# 31 is here.

 Early this morning, 30 degrees outside and windy, this little ewe had her lamb. Outside. She was still a bit damp and laying beside her mother when I went out to check on the sheep about 5. I got the towel I had out there, just in case, and picked the lamb up to dry it off some more. Blossom had done a good job though. Then I got them both in this stall, out of the wind, til daylight. I thought the lamb was pure black. But she's not. She's really pretty.

Kind of a reddish-brown on top with black legs and ears and face. She is half hair and half wool. So soft.

And Blossom is a good mother. Very protective and wants to know where her baby is all the time.

I looked up names for cold in other languages. The only one I could find that had the "c" sound was Kohra, which means cold in Punjabi. It sounds like Cora. Which is what she shall be called. Kohra, because it was so cold this morning that she was born.

I am still waiting on Bridgette to lamb now. She is so big. I just went to check on her at 11:30 and no signs of labor. I am thinking she will have twins. If she has a ram, he will be called Chilly.

So far, they have had 19 lambs and 2 have died, 1 ewe and 1 ram.  There are 10 ewe lambs and 7 ram lambs. The 1st year, I had 3 ram lambs and 2 ewe lambs. I still have Adele and Annabelle. All the rams have been butchered. Last year, 3 ram lambs and 5 ewe lambs. So my flock has grown. 14 ewes and 1 ram now with all these lambs. Plus a few more. I will be selling a lot of them soon. I'll really need to be thinking which way I want to go. or really which way I need to go. The hair sheep are so much more hardy than the wool sheep. I have Finn and they are more susceptible to worms that the hair sheep are. I don't have any issues with the hair like I do the wool. It could just be this particular breed or from where I got them. So, lots of thinking to do.

Next up, goat kids!


Betty Ann said...

Little Cora is so pretty!! Kristin and I have been green with envy over your baby pictures. We are so pleased that her first goat finally kidded and we have babies to hug too now!

Kris said...

I know. I saw them. Such cute little kids. There will be more soon!