Monday, March 17, 2014

Gallbladder attack

Besides having had a kidney stone episode about 7 years ago, this is the worst pain I've ever been in. And I have had 2 kids totally natural. No problem. Piece of cake. I would gladly have 20 more kids just like that, than to have what happened to me last night ever happen again. It was pure h***. Seriously.

We ate baked potato for dinner about 5 last night. And about 7 I could not hold my eyes open. I gave the lambs another bottle, then headed to bed.

That's when my stomach started really hurting bad. Like a real bad stomach ache that just wouldn't stop. All across the upper middle of my stomach. It was sore and tender too. I'd go to the bathroom, then get faint. I could not get comfortable at all. No matter where I was, laying down, sitting up, standing, walking. It hurt!

When I'd feel flushed and felt like I was going to faint, I'd get nauseous. I did throw up and felt a bit better. But it just would not stop. The pain was horrible!

I finally just laid half way on the bed on my back and I fell asleep. I woke up and was afraid to move in fear of the pain coming back. But it didn't. So I got up and fed all the animals and the lambs. It's good right now. But I don't ever want to have that pain again!

And this happens after we find out that my husband has been "let go" from Heartland because he's been on sick leave over 4 months now. so NO INSURANCE! Nothing. He's getting signed up for Healthspring Insc. tomorrow. Which is just for people over 65. So I'm out. I'm going to look up that darn Obama Care today and see if I qualify for anything there. If not, I'm screwed, big time.

So I am not going to eat ever again. I'm drinking fresh cut ginger tea. And read about remedies for gallbladder. I had just thawed out a half gallon of my organic apple cider a few days ago. I read somewhere to put 3 T. ACV in 8 Oz. apple cider and drink that. So I am drinking it too. And I think I will get back in bed.

I just saw where Kristin had a lot of rain, right after she planted some in her garden. Yesterday, it never stopped raining here. The bed where I had planted 3 rows of radishes had a little stream at the end of it. If that's all that happens, we're good. Now for some sunshine to make the seeds grow? That'd be great.

And STILL no lambs from Bridgette.


Betty Ann said...

:( Sending you hugs. All that stinks. You cannot afford to get sick for so many reasons. Prayers.

Kristin said...

I am so sorry you were so sick! It's so hard to do all that you do when you're not feeling well. It is still raining here. I'm hoping my seeds are okay!

Betty Ann said...

Checking back. Still thinking of you. Hope all is improving. Prayers

Kris said...

Feeling better, but sore. And afraid to eat. Ugh. Still drinking ginger tea. I'm going to my herd doctor tomorrow and hopefully he has some bark and roots and leaves he can fix up for me. He's really good. And I just have to pay for whatever I get. Thanks for thinking of me. It hurt SO bad, I just never want to have to go through this again.

Hope your seeds stayed put, Kristin. Mine look ok so far. Just waiting on some sun now to make it all grow.

Betty Ann said...

So glad you are over the worst. It never stopped raining the last two days so we have not been able to check garden. It is 10:30 am and Trixie is kidding as I type this. I'm sure Kristin will keep you posted. Hope we get healthy doelings! Trix is the one that delivered stillborn triplet doelings last year. Kristin lives 17 miles away. Bob and I will head over there soon to get twin grandsons to guitar lessons. Busy day. I'm glad your seeds stayed put!

Betty Ann said...