Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lambs and bee hives

It finally stopped raining and is a beautiful Sunday. Still a little nippy. We had to turn on the central yesterday, it was SO cold. And wet and just plain dreary. But today is beautiful.

So, I took the lamb babes outside to meet the rest of the flock. And their mothers. Hah. They didn't even know them. Well, Adelaide did follow Carabella and sniff her. But that's ok. They ran and played with the other lambs for awhile. Then started whining for me.

I am just feeding them 3 times a day right now. 8, 2 and 8 again. I really need to get some bigger bottles so I can give them a bit more. I have those big long gray nipples that fit on water or soda bottles. Just need to get some. Then after this week, I'll go to twice a day. I am also giving a bottle twice a day to Click and Clack the Tappitt bros. Amarillo is not the best mother. I do catch her letting the boys nurse but not for long. So for now, they get some extra milk. Plus it makes them more friendly.

It's hard to get good pictures of these guys. They are either running to me or turned around!  Right here, they were still interested in the bottles!

But they are having fun outside. I might put them back inside tonight. It's going to be cold again. But Tuesday, I'm going to get a new sewing machine. So the room they are in will be turned into my sewing room!

And I went to the bee store and got another hive plus 30 frames and these wax things for the other old hive. That's a lot of frames we have to put together. 60 I think. That'll give the old man something to do while he's awake and sitting in his recliner. The would care doc told him to stay off his feet because he has a diabetic ulcer on his ringt foot. Darn it. But he can put some hives and frames together sitting down, right!

Hopefully, these will be put together and painted and in their spots ready for 2 packages of bees the first of May. I'll keep y'all posted!

Would you all please send up some prayers for my sister Heidi? She's my younger sister and has so many medical issues. Friday, she had to be rushed to the hospital. Her left lung had collapsed.  So she found out this morning that she has emphysema. Plus she's allergic to dogs and cats. And she has 5 dogs and several cats in the house! She's agreed to get rid of all the dogs except her oldest dog Duelly who she's had forever. I don't blame her. And she's got a lot of healing to do. So please send up some good healing thoughts and prayers for Heidi. Thanks so much!


Kristin said...

Prayers going up for Heidi and Tiny.

Those lambs are too cute. I can just sit in the sunshine and stare at babies all day long!

Congrats on the new sewing machine and bee stuff. It's like Christmas up there (and with the weather as it's been, it may as well be Dec).

Betty Ann said...

Prayer sent for Heidi, Hubby, and you

Kris said...

Thank you both. Heidi's having a rough time of this. I hate it that she's going through this.

Betty Ann said...

Just checking in again. More prayers for all of you.