Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My babies

 The 3 little ewe lambs I've been bottle feeding are growing so fast. Carabella, the lamb in the middle, is one week younger than the other two and much bigger. She was a twin. The other 2 are from the quads. They are all so sweet. And good girls.

Here they all are inside, exploring.

 Carabella, nibbling on the corner of the table.

Campbelle and Cameron, trying to see what's up there.

Cameron. She's so cute. I've also been having to bottle feed one of the ram lambs. He's about the same size as Cameron and looks just like her. He comes running whenever I go out there to feed him. I just don't think Amarillo has much milk. The bigger ram sometimes takes milk from the bottle. I have seen them both nursing, but for just a few seconds and she walks off. Just one of those bad mothers. I put an ad on CL today to try to sell all the Finn ewes. I'm just going to be keeping these 3 ewe lambs that are full Finn. And that's all the wool sheep I'll have. I'd like to find a few Shetland sheep some day.

I love this picture. Bubba on the porch, guarding his domain. Such a good boy. He ran off a dog earlier today that kept going through the field next door and making the sheep nervous. Had to get Bubba after it.

And off they go! It's fun in a way to have bottle lambs. I know they will be so much friendlier than the others. But goodness, I am worn out! I feel like a new mom, having to get up during the night. I have stopped all night feedings now. Just feed about 11 PM, then again in the morning and a few times during the day. Pretty soon, they'll just get 2 bottles a day. And in a few weeks, they'll be on straight goat milk!!! And us too!!!

Just thought you all might like to see my 3 cute babies. They are a mess. Once the weather ever decides to be nice, they will go outside. IF that ever happens!


Betty Ann said...

So sweet!!!

Kris said...

They really are. Wonder what they'll be like in a few months? Carabella is already knocking the bottles out of my hands when she's finished with hers. Little stinker.