Sunday, November 10, 2013

He's here. But not home.

I got a call from my husband about 2. He was at his truck parking spot where he parks his big truck and gets in his pick up truck to go home. He said he didn't think he could make it home. He was shaking like a leaf and felt sick. So I called both daughters, who live just a few minutes from where he parks and could be there faster than me, 20 miles away.

So they got him and were going to take him to Urgent Care in Ft. O. We all got there and they sent him straight on to the ER. They were waiting for him. Went right in an ER room. He had a fever and had thrown up before they got there. Really weak. Could hardly walk.

Quite graphic here. So sorry.

While I was taking care of business, he was getting into a hospital gown. When I walked in the room, his feet were right there. And I almost passed out when I saw them. He had told me over the phone he had blisters on his legs. I was not prepared for what I saw. His left ankle on the inside was totally raw. The bottom half was red and the top part was green. Not a good thing.

Then his right ankle did have a big blister. But the outside at the ankle was red and raw. Skin off. Horrible. I was not prepared for this at all. But I made it. They came and did blood work and EKG and all that stuff. Put the IV needle in his hand. Gave him a bag of antibiotic. After 4 hours, moved him up to a room.

Doctor came in. Asked a bunch of questions, trying to figure out what happened and when. They will clean his feet and wrap them tonight. Do more tests and blood work and all that. He had a good dinner and ate everything on the plate. He looked really good when I left.

So, he is going to call his boss in the morning and tell him what's going on. I hope I can wait til they come get the truck to have help to get all his things out. It takes hours to do it alone. So I hope they will just come get the trailer and leave the truck for a few days.

I have no idea how long he'll be in the hospital. But we both think he won't be going out in that truck again. I just hope he doesn't lose a foot from this. I don't think he will, but it's possible.

I have a wonderful friend right up the road who came and gathered eggs and let my dogs out and fed them. And locked up the chickens. And she swept the house and straightened up for me. She even left the porch light on. And got cat food because I was out. She's a great friend. Her name is Stephanie. I really appreciate her. And all I have to do is call and there she is to help. I am so thankful for her.

So please, send up a prayer for him. He will need it. He is in good hands there. I really didn't want him to go to this particular hospital. It's where my step dad was for 3 weeks. And he died there. So there are a lot of memories there. And Tiny is right down the hall from his room and the ICU. It was hard for my mom to be there tonight. The first time going back there. I didn't think I'd have to go back there this soon.

PS. I AM thankful that he made it home. And that he IS here so close. 5 years ago, he had something horrible happen to him in Memphis, Tn. and was in the hospital there for 8 days. He almost died. It was SO far away from home. No one came to see him. So he's here, where his family and friends are now. And I am close too.


Betty Ann said...

Oh dear!! So sorry for this turn of events. So grateful he is close to home and in good hands. More prayers. Hugs to you, good friend.

Kristin said...

Prayers for both of you. I hope they get him healthy and back home soon. Keep us posted.

Kim said...

So sorry you must go through this, but glad you are with him. He is in the Masters hands so take a deep breath and hold his hand and be thankful. I will pray for his recovery and for a calming peace for you my friend. Keep us posted when you can.

Kris said...

Thank you all so much! I know he appreciates all the prayers. New post coming.