Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 13: Thankful for sheep.

This morning before going to the hospital, I had to load up 2 lambs and take them up on the mountain to a slaughterhouse. I have 4 people who are getting halves.

It's a process getting to the 2 I needed. Call friends to come help. Put up the boundary fence. Get them all over to this side of the farm. Get the feed pans and feed. Get them all in the stall with the door. Let most of them out. Wait for friends to get here. Get all the sheep back over to the other side, except the few who are still in with the 2 leaving. (It's easier to catch the 2 when there are more in the stall. Not much room to bolt then.) Take fence down. Drive Trooper in as close as possible to stall.

Friends got here. Me and Craig went in and got rope around one. Stephanie was going to shut the door after we get the one lamb out. Then open the door to put him in the Trooper. Well, she didn't get the door shut fast enough and they all got out. Craig held onto Bo and I grabbed Tater Tot and help on. And Stephanie got the door open and we put the first one in then got the other one in! Done! So easy with more hands and bodies to help.

This was all the sheep except the 2 new smaller rams. They weren't used to this routine so stayed out. Looks like sheep stuffed into a stall, right?

And here are the boys. Their first and last car ride. They were so good. And I thanked them all the way for what they will be doing for so many people. And what a good life they've had here, with all their friends and moms. I am so thankful for these guys.

Just an update on Tiny. His doctor has raised ALL his meds up. He'll be in the hospital at least a minimum of 5 days, but will probably be more than that. He has also developed a sore mouth from all the antibiotics they're filling him full of. I just want him home. I asked the doctor if laying in bed for days at a time, being on all this fluid and eating fruit several times a day, had anything to do with the high numbers and he said yes it does. I had him up today, walking up and down the halls. He needs to be up. It's not like he's bedridden and can't be up and moving. The doctor agreed. So, on the way to the hospital in the morning, I'm stopping to get him plain yogurt for his mouth. Because it could be days before he gets the stuff the doctor ordered for his mouth. It took a few days to get his cream for his feet. Can ya tell I don't like hospitals or doctors?


Betty Ann said...

I cannot believe that in this modern age it takes days to get meds to a hospital. I can get anything I want delivered next day from Amazon. Shaking my head. Wait until we get Obamacare. Tiny is fortunate to be under your wise care.

Kris said...

I know. I just got him some plain Greek yogurt and kefir while we wait. I should have known this would happen and had yogurt already. And why doesn't the hospital have yogurt for people being pumped full of antibiotics anyway?

I'm not going to have insurance when he retires.

An At Home Daughter said...

I can't believe those sheep rode so nicely in the back of your car! I bet there were a lot of "smart pills" to clean up afterwards : )

I saw a couple of really good documentaries a while back that you might want to see, and make your husband watch. One is called Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days. It's about 6 people both type 1 and 2 diabetics that go to a retreat type place to be part of a study under doctors care while treating their diabetes with diet. 4 were cured, 1 gave up because he didn't like the food, and 1 only had to remain on a small amount of medication.
The other documentary is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. This was also a very good movie. It's about a guy that cures himself of a rare disease through raw juicing, while traveling across country and spreading the word. During his journey he meet a truck driver with the same disease, who he talks into doing the same thing. He also cures himself.

I know how you feel about doctors. Me, and everyone in my family hate doctors.

Kristin said...

I'm with y'all on the doctors. But I sure love lamb! I hope Tiny is doing better today.

Abby said...

Glad you can use your Trooper to haul sheep. lol

Kris said...

Kimberly, where do I get these movies? I would love to see them. I do know that most diseases are reversible by diet and exercise. Thanks.

An At Home Daughter said...

OK, I left a comment last night for you, but it must have gone into outerspace.
I borrowed both films from out library, but you can watch the one film free here
and you can watch Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days for free on youtube.


Kris said...

Thanks Kimberly, I will look for them.