Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 25: WOOD HEAT!!!!

We finally got the wood heater all hooked up and full of wood! It took way too long and a lot of bad words, but we did it. I hope anyway. We had so much trouble out of this heater last winter, with smoke pouring out the door every time I opened it to put wood in. Smoke coming out of the pipes. We finally figured out that the pipes were blocked with creosote. So we stopped using it.

We went to Ace and got some poles that hook onto the chimney brush. Got the chimney all swept and cleaned. All new pipes. Fixed the opening in the fireplace with sheet metal so no air gets out that way. We have learned that this heater needs to be burned HOT. Like we need to leave dampers open so the fire gets super hot and keeps the pipes cleaned.

As you can see, withing just a few minutes, this is the temp in here. And it's so nice! I love wood heat. It's WARM heat. But it sure is hard work. How many times that wood makes us warm. Cutting it, loading and unloading it. Stacking it. Loading it onto the wagon and hauling it to the house. Then hauling it up the steps into the house. That's a lot of sweat already right there.

It ain't pretty, but it sure is a nice thing to have when it's cold outside. And we are in for some nasty weather the next few days here. Possible snow and sleet. We have plenty of wood so we should be nice and warm now!

I'm sorry I am so late on these posts. But I had to take Tiny to a new doctor this morning and it turned into several hours. Then all the wood heater work. I was a bit irritable to say the least.


Iris Graham said...

I think the stove is pretty! Also, it can serve another purpose: if the electricity goes off during bad weather, you can cook on it!! How cool is that?? You can be the Georgia Pioneer Woman! Anyway, I'm glad ya'll got it done; sounds like a lot of hard work. I'm proud of you & Charlie figuring it out, then doing the work.

Sandra Morris said...

Wood heat is more work, but I love it.

Betty Ann said...

Yay wood heat!! Hubby and I heat our house with wood. Kristin keeps us with a constant supply of free firewood. We keep gas furnace set at 59 degrees for overnight backup. The fireplace keeps us company. We have an insert with a blower which is pretty efficient. Kristin heats with wood too! So happy you are toasty warm. :)

Kris said...

Yes, Mom, I can cook on this stove. The top comes up. I hope I don't have to, but I will be prepared if I do.

And right now, it's at 84 in here.