Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 24: It's COLD out there!

This is not really a thankful post, as I don't like to be cold anymore. But it's freezing outside! I had to wear the old Carhart jacket this morning. And my fingers were frozen. I have some nice warm felted wool gloves that I love and they keep my hands toasty warm. But when I'm throwing hay to starving animals, I just want my hands free. And when I milked Penelope, they got warmed up real good! She probably didn't like it though.

Up until I turned 50, I loved winter. I always said I'd love to live in Alaska. I didn't like being hot at all. But then, when I turned 50, it seemed like I could not get warm enough. Couldn't put on enough clothes or blankets. Slept with 2 down comforters. And still cold. So now I've changed my mind and would like to live in Hawaii instead. When they build a bridge to Hawaii, I'll go.

I let the sheep in the back yard awhile ago. There was some green grass. And lots of leaves. So they are happy. I also cut some privet for the goats. It's slim pickins out there. I am ready for spring! How bout ya'll?

(This picture was taken out the back door of the laundry room. The door fell off the other day and hasn't been fixed yet. So I laid it across the opening to keep the sheep out of the laundry room. I keep my bread grain out there too.)


Betty Ann said...

I hear ya!! It is cold today. But after living 38 years in Michigan and the next 15 in Maryland, where we suffered Nor'easters, I have to remind myself how thankful I am for no ice on the birdbath, No salt rings on my shoes, no rust on my cars, and most of the time my thick sweater IS my winter coat!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're "normal" now, Kris! I don't like cold, either, especially if I have to get out. When I can, I postpone any errand or yard work til it's a little warm. It's really bad when the wind blows!

An At Home Daughter said...

Hahaha. Same here. I told my niece I will come visit when I can ride Amtrak to Hawaii.


Kris said...

We used to live in S. Ga. and I remember how hot it was down there in the winters. There were a few times we had some snow and ice, but it was rare. I kind of miss that now.