Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 4: Penelope Jane

Penelope Jane. the last goat standing. Or milking. She's a first freshener and had her twin doe kids back in Feb. 3rd. So she's going on 10 months milking! Quite a thing for a first freshener. I am so proud of her. Zarah Belle, who is also a first freshener, dried up soon after her kids were gone. And she's the same age as Penelope. Sandy, who is 7 and had triplets this year, dried up soon after her kids were gone as well. So Penelope is my only source for goat milk til Spring. I just put John Henry back in with the girls the end of October. So around April is the soonest they'll have kids. I am already having anxiety attacks.

Isn't she the cutest little elfin goat? I love her. And I am so thankful she's still giving us a little milk.

She still gives about 3 cups of milk each morning. But each day it gets less and less. I guess when it gets to a cup, I'll have to dry her up.

And these silly dogs are thankful for Penelope too! They love those squirts of milk so much. It's so hard to wait for more!

They do love that warm milk!

As you can tell, these posts are in no particular order as to what I am most thankful for. I need some more family pictures so I can post them too. So I am just posting as I have the pictures to go with the posts.

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Kristin said...

Good girl, Penelope! I don't know what's with these girls who dry up when kids are gone. Onyx has been trying to do that to me. She's down to about 2c a day and she requires more feed than my others to maintain good condition. If I can get a pretty girl out of her this year, I think Onyx will have to be sold. Sad because I could never charge someone what I paid for her. I feel like I was sold a bill of goods after all the health problems she has had. I will NOT buy from that breeder again.