Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 9 and 10: My husband. Again.

I missed yesterday because it was a busy day. There is a camp up the road from here called Camp New Dawn. They have a few fund raisers a year. Yesterday was the turkey shoot. I went and set up my booth to sell soap and jelly. I did pretty good. I bartered 2 hours of horse riding lessons for soap and plantain slave. I think I am excited about that. I told Mindy I want an OLD slow horse. I am too old to fall off and break something. Also bartered for a nice handmade wooden milking stool! Really love it. It's the perfect height and is smooth, unlike the old bucket I have used for years. And it was SO cold! I could not get warm there and for the rest of the day. This sunrise was yesterday morning.

And today, I am having a hard time being thankful for much. My husband is in Atlanta this morning and hasn't been dispatched. He's supposed to be home right now. I am so not liking this company he works for. They keep him out for weeks and weeks at a time. And they are supposed to get their drivers home at least every other weekend. But do they let my husband come home? NO. And he just goes along with it.

And he is diabetic. Sometimes he's even run out of his meds. For days. This has happened several times. Not good for a diabetic. And now, he has water blisters on both legs. He's worried about this. He had one for a few days. Then he called last night and has another on the other leg now. I looked it up. It can be caused by heart problems and by up and down blood sugar levels. He's already had to have a stint put in his heart, about 8 years ago. And he cannot get his levels to go low enough.

I bought some 100% pure aloe gel and some fresh Turmeric. I love this stuff. I make a paste and put it on wounds. I have used it on my foot when I stepped on a nail. Bubba tore up a duck once and ripped off the whole back. It lived, amazingly. But looked awful. I mixed up a bunch of the paste and slathered it on the duck's back for several days. It got better and lived a few more years. I have also used it on my husband when he had a diabetic ulcer on his foot. Nothing else worked but this did. I use it on all the animals if there is any cuts or wounds on them.

So when he gets home, this is what we will do. Then if he can get to our favorite doctor tomorrow, he might need antibiotics, which couldn't hurt at this point. But he is so worried right now. And he needs to tell these people he needs to get home right now. He's such a nice guy and they know it and take advantage of him so much. But I guess we are both thankful he has a job and can still work. He will be retiring his next birthday next May. IF they haven't changed the laws or anything by then.

I'm sorry this is so long. I am just looking for something to be thankful for here. I think it's my husband again. Just the fact that he's as healthy as he is for being in the shape he's in is a miracle in itself and I am very thankful he can walk! He's the best husband I could have ever asked for. I just need him to get home so I can take care of him right now.


Kristin said...

Prayers going up for your hubby. "Weeks at a time" is just too much. I find it also makes it harder when they finally make it home- I get so set in my routine that it's hard to fit him back in. Take good care of him, Kris!

Betty Ann said...

Being under your good care is keeping him well in spite of his medical issues. You are blessed to have each other. Sure hope he gets home today so you can doctor him and then his other doctor can see him tomorrow. Prayers.

Kris said...

Me too, Kristin! And I was thinking I had another 6 months to get ready for him being home all the time.