Sunday, December 30, 2012

That was too close

This afternoon, my youngest daughter and her MIL and I went to see Les Miserables. I LOVED it. But not at first. I love the music. It was really good. And I hope everyone gets to go see it. And I cried.

When we got out of the theater, it was already dark. So had to hurry home and feed and milk goats. And dogs and cats too. So got all that done. I am pleased with Penelope Jane's progress and can't wait to start milking her. She is going to have a pretty big udder for a first freshener. Can't wait to see her kids soon.

Also the new doe Trudy is developing an udder too. I am happy with her progress as well. I am really not sure what she was bred with. It could have been either a Lamancha or a Boer. We shall see soon.

I need to get busy making some kidding stalls soon. I need more pallets first. It will be time to kid and I won't be ready for them. I hope to sell all the kids as soon as possible. I am not keeping any of the doelings. I'll castrate all the Boer cross bucks for meat.

After I came inside, I thought I better go check to see if there were any eggs. I got 3 yesterday! So 2 more started laying. I have 4 hens total. So grabbed the flashlight and went to see. And I saw 4 eggs!!!!!! 4! I was so happy to see all those eggs. I now have 1 whole dozen eggs hiden!

Then I started looking for my sheep. I heard the dogs coming up  the driveway. They had opened the gate. Got them in then looked over at the garden gate. It was wide open. My heart fell. I had put the sheep in the garden this morning. I ran in there and looked in the shelter. Nothing. I looked over in the barn yard and saw one of the ewes. Just one. She ran to the pasture. Then I pointed the flashlight toward the apple trees and saw eyes. I was SO relieved. I was about ready to jump in the car and look all over this valley for them. My poor sheep out there lost in the world. But then I started counting and they were all there. Adele and Fiona were over on the other side of the fence in the pasture. But the rest were down in the little orchard at the end of the garden. I was so happy to see them all. They looked a little spooked but all ok. I gave them some hay and shut the gate to the garden. I can't believe they were all still in the garden. I thought they had all left me. I am so thankful they didn't go out. Now if it had been goats... But they wouldn't have gone too far. Anyway, it all turned out good. I will be more careful and make sure gates are latched and tight before I leave again. I would be so sad to lose any of my sheep.

And Adabelle will be going home tomorrow! Her buck kids have been sold so it's safe for her to go back. And John Henry will be coming back tomorrow from his "job" in Hillsboro, Tn. So I can put Zeeboo in with him. Hope fully it won't be too late for that.

The 2 rams will be going to the butcher next Monday. So I can put the ewes back over there and get ready for lambs soon. I know I'll have 3 ewes due sometime in early Feb. Not sure about Darla. Maybe a few months later. Then all the littles will be due in May if Abraham has done his job.

As I was outside tonight, I saw the big huge full moon comeing up over Pigeon Mt. It sure is big and beautiful tonight. Go outside and see it for yourselves!

 Happy new year's eve!


Kristin said...

I'm so glad to hear your sheep were okay! I know that feeling when your heart just drops to the pit of your stomach.

Can't wait to see Les Miserables. I've seen it in the theater twice and bawled my eyes out each time. I think I wore out the soundtrack CDs I used to own (mental note to look for those tomorrow).

We just got home from meeting the in-laws in Thomaston to pick up the kids (human ones). That moon was amazing!

Happy New Year!

Kris said...

You got to see Les Mis live? I would love to. But I was just happy to see it as a movie. So sad though. I love what John (?) said at the end, about if you have loved, you have seen the face of God. Loved it.

That sunset was awesome too tonight. All blues. So pretty.

Kristin said...

I got goosebumps just remembering those lyrics.

I saw it in Baltimore and at the Fox in Atlanta. The Baltimore performance was better. I just can't warm up to the "Fabulous Fox". It seems like the seats are too spread out from the stage and the accoustics aren't great.