Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The big clean-up

Today I decided to let the sheep clean up the garden for me. Their pasture is quite brown. Or actually, it's the same color as they are and I can hardly see them out there. So to the garden they went.

Then I felt sorry for all the does out back. So started taking them up front to the garden too. In 2's. It's pretty far to just let them go by themselves. Too many things to get into on the way there. There were so many things to eat, they were all over the place for awhile.

                                              The goats went over to clean up the fence row.

                                                And the sheep had to follow, of course. It was a very nice day. I worked up a sweat in no time out there.

While all the goats were up front, I decided to take the push mower to the goat yard and mow down all the dead stuff. It wore me out! This is where the goats live. This used to be a pine tree forest years ago. The people who owned this place had someone come in and cut them all down. And they just left all the trees to rot out there. And when we bought this place, it had all grown up with wild roses and blackberry bushes. And lots of little trees. It took the goats a few years, but this is all that's left now. Not much.

 I have asked the guy who owns the land all around us and owns lots of big equipment like bull dozers, if he would give me a price on grading it all and moving all the very old tree stumps. I would like to plant good grasses and hays for the goats. But today, I just mowed down all the dead stuff and got down to the green grass that's still out there.  This picture above is looking toward the SW.

And this picture below is looking toward the NW. So they have lots of room back there. Just no bushes or trees, which they would so much rather have.

 So last week, I turned off the electric fence and let them go out next door. It's gotten way overgrown over there and snakey looking. They have done a great job. But like any goat, they can't stay in this spot for long. They started going out in the fields, where they are not supposed to be. So had to put that to a stop.

And here is the pasture, almost all mowed and looking better. I want to go get some winter rye and  sow back here now, if it's not too late. I'll go to the co-op and see. Over to the left, by their barn, is alot of green grass still growing. And in the back yard too. And they have lots of hay mountains too.

And the goats are all back in their home again. They don't like too much change, these goats. And they like their barn. It's cold out there!

I am thinking about getting some pigs soon after the sheep finish what they can eat in the garden. Then I'll put pigs in there to till it all up for me.


Kristin said...

I'm glad you got your new camera working! Love the pictures. I wish I could have the critters clean up my garden, but they'd clean up all my winter crops too!

I have been considering pigs for next winter. My friend did 3 last year. I just feel like I need to do some scouting for a source of free food for them- grocery store, restaurant scraps, brewers grain etc.

Kris said...

Yes, you do need to find a good source of free scraps for pigs. Because, well, they're pigs! And they like to eat. A lot! I still have nightmares about me falling in the pig pen and they eat me. It could happen, ya know. And I think I actually heard a story on the news about a man who fell in his pig pen and his pigs killed him. Don't remember if they ate him, but still. Scary!

So one of my young kids has poopy butt this morning. I was going to worm her them remembered they were all in the garden a few days ago and could have eaten something that didn't agree with her. So I just gave her some home made plain yogurt for her tummy. I'll see how she is later. But that's probably what happened to her.