Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas to me!

Meet the new girls. I just got them today.

This is Z. That's what they call her. So I am trying to think of a Z name. I like ZeeBoo, Zeborah, Zariyah, and Zia. Can't make up my mind. But will probably just call her ZeeBoo for now. She is a 3 year old Lamancha doe. She looks a lot like my Abby but a bit smaller and she has tan lines on her face, where Abby's are white. And she has the white on her belly. She is not bred, but in heat. So the guy put their buck with her but he was so small I don't know if it worked. Or rather, if they made contact. I like this doe. As soon as I get John Henry back, he will go in with her.

And this is Truck. Her name will be Trudy from now on. She is 2 years old and is bred to kid in February. The guy said she was bred to the Boer buck. So I hope she has a buckling. This will be her first kid. The black one has had a kid before but it looks to have been awhile as she is very dried up right now.

This is a back view of ZeeBoo's udder, which I like already. I like the long teats. They said she was an easy milker.
I have them both up front in the garden right now til I can get the electric fence fixed out back. The goats are still getting through it. So when it is fixed, the new does will go in the back yard and the other does will go out back. That way they can see each other and hopefully get used to each other so I can put them all together.

Now I will be anxious for February to see how Trudy does on the milk stand. I'll have to wait til May or June for ZeeBoo, but that's ok. I am so happy I got these two. The people I got them from had got some turkey eggs from me a few years back. When I emailed her, she said she didn't answer any more emails because she wanted me to have first pick. So thank you, Sherri and Bill! Bill even followed me home with Trudy in his SUV. That was nice.

I now have 8 does and 1 borrowed doe. Looks like she may be staying. So 9 does.I will need a few pigs later to help with all the milk.


Kristin said...

Merry Christmas! I love them! It makes me so excited for my new doelings to get here. We're still waiting for a positive pregnancy test.

Are you going to hand milk all 8? Brave woman!

Kris said...

Hi Kristin. I have missed seeing you and your blog posts. I hope you are having a nice holiday time. And I sure hope your doe is pregnant. I am upset that my Nubian isn't pregnant. Now if she did have a successful breeding last week, it'll be the end of May. I am still milking only her now.

I have 2 does that are due in Feb. Both are first fresheners. Then I hope Zarah and Abby are bred. If they are, it might be March. Then Adabelle, not sure about her either. She's my friend's doe that I still have here. And the 2 new does. So I will be milking 7 I hope by the end of May. I have only ever hand milked. But if my hands keep doing what they're doing, I may have to invest in a milker.