Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy new year!

I was inspired by Jon Katz from Bedlam Farm up in NY to give all my animals treats this Christmas. I don't usually give a lot of treats to them. Just when I have stale crackers or cookies or bread I'll give them to the goats. Or apples to the sheep. But a few months ago I had won a big box of cat and dog treats. There was a squeeky toy and a small frisbee that I gave to my grand dog Daisy. Stella is afraid of the sqeeky toys. There was also a few bags of dog treats that the dogs loved. And a can of cat food that I mixed in the dry cat food. They all loved that.

The goats got lots of animal cookies and vanilla wafers and crackers. It's really hard to feed the goats. Some will eat and some won't. Those who like the cookies are selfish and push the others out of the way. I have figured out how to do it though. I say their names and they get a cookie. Then the next one. And on and on. The sheep got apples, which they love. The rams got extra grain with apples in it. And even the chickens got some goodies. And of course extra hay because it just about rained all day here.

So it was a good day. Everyone came here for breakfast and to open gifts from us. Then we went to my parents to have dinner and open more gifts. Then back home. I was so tired by then I could hardly keep my eyes open on the way home. It was fun though.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas day where ever you are. And wishing you all a very happy fun filled new year.
I love St. Francis. And he should have a place here on this post about animals.

I will see you all next year!

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