Sunday, December 9, 2012

One down, one to go

Well, this weekend has been a big learning experience, to say the least. I had fun, but I am pooped. I do not see how people can do this weekend after weekend. Loading everything up, unloading everything, setting up everything. It's a lot of work. I did have fun though. Next week I will have to change some things around in my booth. I have a canopy that we had hung a pretty shower curtain as a background for my soap table. And I have a wooden window with no glass in it to hang my candle holders on that needs to bu hanging up on the canopy. So I need to take the top of the canopy off so it's not so dark inside. And according to more seasoned market vendors, people don't like going INTO a booth. They would rather be on the outside going around the tables. Who knew? SO I have some work to do next week to make it more inviting to people.

I did sell a lot of soap and wash clothes yesterday and one candle holder. Also took an order for a special vase. Today sold a lot of jars and candle holders. I was very happy about that. One lady bought $50 worth. And a lot of soaps. So a good day today. I hope next week is a lot better.

Does anyone else do these type of crafty fairs? And do you actually make money at it?

This market costs $100 per weekend. And I thought that was all the costs. But yesterday, several of the venders around me had white envelopes they were getting ready to take up front. I asked about it and they said it was the envelopes we are supposed to put our 10% of our sales inside. I didn't have one nor had I heard anything about this. So went up front to ask and they said it was in the application online. Well, didn't see that.

Then this morning, a lady stopped at the desk before going in. So I thought I had to as well. I asked what I was supposed to do and they said something about sales tax and then a business license. So I had to pay $4 for this weekend and then $5 more next weekend for the business license, which they were out of. It just seems like they are not all together here. And then I had to ask for a receipt for the $4 I had just given them and he said he thought he had given me one. Nope. Anyway, seems like a lot of money for this and that that I was not aware of when I got into this. It just makes me wonder if people actually make any money doing this.


Tombstone Livestock said...

I have not participated in any craft fairs but this one sounds like a BIG rip off. I would think all fees would have been included in the $100 fee except maybe the sales tax part. I would check with other vendors and other craft fairs to make comparisions. Good Luck, hope you make enough money to make it worthwhile.

Kristin said...

I hope you made enough to cover expenses. Doesn't sound like you covered your labor!

Kris said...

No way have I made back what I have put into this little venture. Nor will I this next weekend either. But I have learned a whole lot about this lifestyle.

I already have ideas about this next weekend and what I can do to make my booth more inviting. It certainly is colorful! And I have some more things I will be making to sell. Anyway, it's a little jingle in the pocket.

Linda said...

That seems like a lot of money for a weekend. I have done one fair in November each year and its one day only. They charge $10 dollars for the table and they provide it.I know the weekend festivals can range from $50 to $80 dollars.
I would add up your expenses and see if you are making that money back after the weekend including your gas. You work very hard making your wonderful soaps and stuff. I hope you make money in this venture. If not save it for the farms markets.

Kris said...

I will definitely take my soaps to the farmer's markets. I have done that. There are 2 or 3 other soap makers at the Brainerd market so since I am new, I can only sell soap there if a few of the others aren't there. But at the Main St. market I don't think there are any soap people.

According to the market managers, this is a cheap price.