Sunday, December 2, 2012

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...

Does anyone remember that song from the '70's? It was one of my favorite songs.

So I was sitting outside today, crocheting. It was an amazing day, in the 70's, sunny sky and whispy clouds. It just hit me that it's Dec. 2nd and I'm sitting out in the yard crocheting. I felt like I should be tilling the garden and planting for spring.

Anyway, the road dept. started working on the road out front of my house , right before my house then down about a 1/2 mile. They have dug out all the bad places and scraped down about 4". They have several signs before the road work that say "road work" and  "BUMP". And it is a pretty steep bump. I know, because I didn't believe the signs. I do now.

So, while sitting outside today, I can hear traffic going by. I got to thinking how there are some people who read signs and obey them and some people who don't read signs. Or just ignore them. Or just plain don't know how to read at all. I can hear some cars or trucks slowing down before hitting the bumps. And some people don't. I guess they think it's best to just fly over the bumps and it doesn't make  a difference. I just think it's funny how people are so different.

But such a beautiful day today. And I got several more vases and jars done. And more wash clothes crocheted. I have taken everything out to my garden shed to make room in the house again. I need a dedicated work area if I'm going to be doing this a lot. I do have the "barn" next door. It's really a small house with a kitchen  and bathroom and a big open living room with a nice porch. But when we refinanced they weren't going to because we have 2 houses on the same property. So I loaded it down with hay. And now it's a barn.

BUT when the hay is gone, I am going to make it a studio for ME. I will make soap in the kitchen. And cheese. And have a work space for everything else. I can take my spinning wheel over there. I can have a whole house all to myself! It'll be great to have all my stuff over there and not all over the house. I have been working on the dining room table and it's covered up all the time. So all my crafting things will go over there too. I love the idea of a "studio" to work in. It needs some work, but we can do that as we go.

I hope everyone has had a good day too, wherever you are.

And I did get a new camera. A Nikon Coolpix S3300. I love that little thing. BUT, I haven't figured out how to get the pictures from it into here yet. I will have to break down and read the huge book that came with it. Or get my daughter or grand daughter to do it for me. It takes beautiful pictures. And videos too.


White Sheep Farm said...

Good morning Kris,
Yes, indeed we are all different ...the scary thing is that most people while driving today are so preoccupied, with cell phones, eating and so on, it's no wonder they land in the ditches, at least that is how it is here.
I hope to get my wool house built this year, last spring we looked into one of those better built barns, 12x 14 the way I wanted was going to be $3,800.! I said no way would I pay that for a shed ... So, 2013, spring or fall (hoping for spring) We will start on my wool house 20x 14 with 2 rooms sink, and wood stove.
And yes, I'm with you on having ALL your stuff in ONE place. Good luck I do hope you share photos of your new space. Have a great week.

Kris said...

Your wool house sounds amazing. I hope you do get it built and in it soon. I bought one of the sheds this summer from the Mennonite's in Tn. They have places all over. I got a 10x 12 and I love it. We added lean to's on either side. The shed was $1700 I think But well worth it to me. And they deliver for free.