Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Turning it off.

I have decided to turn this computer off for the month of July. I need a break. I spend way too much time on here.And I have so much I need to be doing instead.

I will have to turn it on to update what I'm bringing to market. And delete tons of stupid emails, I'm sure. But I won't be back here til August. So I thought I would let y'all know, just in case anyone missed me.

So see y'all back here in August. Have a great July!

Soap sale

I'm having a soap sale. They'll be $3.50 a bar. Or if you buy 6 bars (for $21.00) I'll throw in a free bar. I can fit 7 in a flat rate shipping box for $5.95, if that's what they still are. So $26.95 for 7 bars of soap.

Here is a list of what I have. And these were all made last year, in late summer and fall.

These are some I made with either juice, kombucha or goldenrod tea:

Grape juice with raw milk yogurt- lots
Kombucha- lots
Spiced apple- 3 bars made with spiced apple tea
Tangerine with goldenrod tea- 4

Lime-patchouli- lots
Peaches-N-Cream, with raw milk yogurt, unscented- lots-
Cucumber-melon- 4
Sage- 9
Basil- 5
Cucumber-basil- 9
Orange-clove- 6
Pumpkin spice- 5
Spiced Mahogany- 6
Warm ginger-coconut- 8
Cucumber-mint- lots
Peppermint- 2
Spearmint- 8
Chamomile-sweet almond- lots
Rosemary with lard- 12

Most all soaps were made with coconut oil, olive oil and vegetable oil.

I do not have a pay pal acct. so you'd have to send a check.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Oh my goodness...

 look what I just found! The 3 bluebird eggs have hatched and they are all alive!!! I wasn't sure, but yes, they are. Baby birds are just ALL mouth!

When I first came over to the studio, I saw a red coffee can on the ground by the front porch. My heart just sank. Then I saw the coffee can nest was still on the porch rail. I was so happy! Then I looked inside. I always look inside to check on the eggs when the mother isn't on them. I thought they might hatch sometime this weekend. And they did. All 3 of them! This is so cool.

Now I will have to stand guard and make sure no darn cats get these babies.

The milk room barn swallow babies are getting bigger every day. Their parents are coming in and going out all day long. The babies have finally gotten feathers on the tops of their heads and they look even funnier now!

So many bird babies here right now. I'm glad my cats are so old.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Feels so good.....

on a hot day. Every morning, this is what happens here at Outback Farm. Alpacas get a cold shower. They love it.  I discovered this last year. I was putting water in the trough and these 2 just stood staring at me. So I turned the hose on them and they loved it. So ever since, when it's hot, they get a cold shower.

Sugar just lays right down after awhile. He's so funny. Misha always gets right in front of him anyway.

Can you see the pretty spider web right above the sheep back scratcher? That spider was busy all night making that beauty. When I let the sheep over here, this is the first thing they do, scratch their backs on this board.

So good Friday morning to you all. I am off to Mrs. T's for the day. I'm bringing wool to make dryer balls while I'm there. Then when I get home, it's out to pick green beans and kale for the market in the morning. And make zucchini bread. I have not even licked the spoon when I make it. And I don't even want to. Yesterday, I took Mrs. T to the doctor and on the way home, she wanted to stop and get ice cream. She kept asking me if I wanted some of hers and couldn't believe I didn't have any. But it doesn't even look good to me any more.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

New clothes...

Well, not really new clothes. But new to me. I love thrift stores and that's about where I get all my clothes from. When I can find any I like. Before I started losing weight, I could hardly find anything I liked. Seems like after a size 18, things just start looking horrible to me. No color. Or just huge.

So last week, me and mom went to a new thrift store. I found the bright colored skirt at the far end and a few shirts. Got home and tried them on and they all fit!!! I was thrilled! I wore that skirt to the wedding with a green shirt. I felt so cool! I had so many compliments on the skirt too.

Yesterday, I wore it with a brown shirt. Went to my friends to deliver her milk and she said she used to have a shirt and skirt just like that. I said it could have been hers, since I got it at a thrift store. She said she takes her clothes to Providence In Ft. O. I went to the new one and found these. So, isn't that funny? The other 2 skirts were at a different thrift store.

I also found 2 shirts and a pair of blue jean shorts and another skirt. I'll have to wait some to wear that shirt though. A little too tight yet. But I WILL wear it.

It's really fun now to look for clothes that are cute and fun to wear. I have the black and white skirt on today with a black shirt. Just feels good to wear skirts. Maybe soon I can wear some pretty summer dresses.

Does anyone else like to go thrift store shopping?

In the garden...

 Things are really happening out here right now. I can hide in the corn rows. Picking green beans, squash, kale, lettuce, bell and banana peppers and hot peppers.

The Japanese beetles are horrible this year, plus the June bugs are everywhere. But there are green beans growing! I picked a little mess the other day for my mom. I'll pick more tonight for the market.

These are the Pink Eye crowder peas, flowering.

Peas on left, with sunflowers down the middle, and green beans on the right.

My zinnia bed. My favorite flowers.

Some ripe red tomatoes, peeking through the leaves! I've been getting a few every day now. They are SO good and juicy. I will sure miss my bacon and tomato sandwiches on sourdough bread.

Some green bell peppers, also peeking through their leaves. I picked one the other day and added it to my frittata. I also have red and yellow peppers.

Sweet banana peppers.

These are the red hot Cow peppers. My husband loves hot peppers. I also have jalapeno peppers.

The past several years, I have not had any luck growing cabbages. I got 6 just to try this year. The cabbage moths love them. And the kale too. I see little tiny heads, but I just don't know.

It's getting too hot for the squash and zucchini now. I actually got quite a lot of them. I've been making zucchini bread for the market and they sell really good.

It sounds like a small bee city in the squash flowers. They are buzzing with bee activity!

My old garden furniture. I sit down there sometimes. Then see all kinds of things I need to be doing and get right back up. I did sit the other night for about 15 minutes while the sprinkler was on.

The okra and cucumber bed. It really needs weeded and mulched. Next week for a few days, my niece is bringing her 10 year old son, who wants to stay a few days and help me out here in the garden. We will be working here, weeding. I also have a lot of not good wool that we'll use to mulch the cucumbers with.

Coming in from the garden this morning, this frog scared me!

In between the corn rows. I can hide out there now! It's all got tassels now too. Silver Queen corn. Yum!

I can't wait for the honey bees to find this corn. I remember years ago, when I grew corn. I'd hear bees buzzing while I picked beans. It was the coolest sound ever. Then, when they started growing the Monsanto corn across the road, I couldn't grow corn here. So the bees went away. But they grew wheat or something across the road this year. That's why I think my corn's done so well.

I was going to say that I always leave weeds for the bugs to have. The Japanese beetles will eat these weeds before they eat the veggies or flowers. So I leave a lot for them. The weeds are good for something!

Some of the sunflowers this morning, reaching their faces toward the sun.

And more frogs. This is my little frog pond. When I walk by, I hear lots of plopping. Can you see some frogs?

This is some of the wild flowers I've let go in the garden. There are probably 20 different varieties right here alone.

And this is what I started doing a few nights ago. Right in front of the bee hive. I had let the clover and other things grow here for the bees. Then mowed it all down a few days ago. I started tilling, but it's hard as a rock. We're supposed to be getting some rain the next few days, so i hope it'll soften it up. But next week, while Ian is here, we will work on this too. We'll add some good chicken manure compost and other good soil to it. Then plant more green beans. Then in the fall, more squash and zucchini will go here.

Yesterday, it poured in Ft. Oglethorpe and Flintstone, but not a drop out here. I mean it was fierce too. Big ole black clouds and wind like crazy. I was going out of Aldi with my buggy and I had a hard time walking it to the car. But they all needed the rain too. We should get some Friday and Saturday, then it's supposed to cool off. It's been high 90's for a few weeks now.

So what's happening in your gardens these days? Any canning going on yet? I will be canning tomatoes soon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Still losing.

As of this morning, I have lost 41 pounds! But I got to thinking, that's just about 10 pounds a month. If I had been exercising, it could have been at least 20 pounds a month. But I'm ok with this. It's coming off slowly but surely. I am getting lots of walking and bending and squats done every day, working in the garden. I see some little green beans, so I will be picking them soon. Can hardly wait for a good pot of fresh green beans. With some squash and ripe tomatoes. Maybe some fried potatoes. Goodness, makes me hungry.

Speaking of being hungry, I am a lot lately. But before, when I was so hungry, I'd eat anything and everything I got my hands on. Usually crap. But now, it's easier for me to handle the hungry. Like right now, I have a bowl of cantaloupe I'm snacking on. I had the rest of the frittata I made yesterday for breakfast. Then did a lot of walking, dragging branches up from the front of the yard to the goats and sheep. Then had to go to Lafayette to get some dog bones from the slaughterhouse for the dogs. Got that all bagged up and made dog food. Got it all in the freezer and just now sat down.

So I am eating so much healthier now. At both weddings, I didn't even think about cake. I did have a tiny bit of wine. But mostly ate BBQ and veggies and fruits. Before, I would have had 2 or 3 pieces of cake. It doesn't even look good to me now.

So if I want to get to 160, I have 49 pounds to go.