Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Men and women. And the difference between.

 We got this huge truck load of wood chips dumped here a few days ago. I did ask and told them where to put them, since they couldn't get the truck into the garden. But it kind of went across the driveway. I couldn't get our truck into the yard at all. I did see where the truck that dumped it had to go over the part that was across the driveway.

So me and my husband started shoveling the part that was on the driveway, so I could get the truck into the yard.  I told my husband that I'd like to start putting some along the fence, in the garden, so I can plant stuff there. I even took a few wheel barrow loads over to the place I was going to start it.

Here's where I wanted to put the mulch. In the garden. On this side of the fence. So I can plant stuff. In the garden.

When I got back home yesterday, I see this. He has started putting the mulch here. In the driveway. Away from the garden. And on the other side of the tree. Hmmm...

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Abby said...

Yes men and women think and perceive things very differently. That's kind of funny what Dad did though.