Friday, August 5, 2016

A happy Friday.

As I sit here this morning, there is a huge bucket truck out in the sheep yard, right outside my studio. They are trimming (well, actually, cutting half of) the maple tree off the power lines. And a little bit of the apple tree under it. I have given some of the limbs full of leaves to the goats.

Last night I was out in the garden and saw these 2 beautiful butterflies flying around the Mexican sunflower. They are so pretty.

Then they both landed on this flower! Isn't this cool? I love it!

And still just 1 sunflower open. It was a busy place last night, with bees on it.

I saw a lot of ripe elderberries, so decided to go ahead and gather them. I got a baggie full. The rest will be ripe in a few weeks.

It's time for another Sherrill family reunion this weekend! I love spending time with family. It's at a church camp up in Ozone, Tn. It's got a lake so people can fish and swim. And a nice cool building where we all gather to eat. It's a fun day.

And the sign is still laying out there. I hope the boy is ok.

Have a happy fun weekend y'all!

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