Sunday, August 7, 2016

Back up again!

Last night, when I got home, there was a note on the door. The parents of the boy who landed on my sign last week had come to get the sign to fix it. They said they would be back today to put it up.

And they did. I went down to talk to them when I saw their truck. They said their own truck had broke down. The transmission went out on it. They would have been back sooner if not for that. They were using someone else's truck.

So I asked about their son, since I didn't see him with them. He was still pretty sore. Also hurt his back. He has leukemia and is in remission. He did pass out because he was dehydrated. I feel bad now for saying he was probably playing Pokemon Go. Sorry.

They also had a really pretty pot of black-eyed-Susans and a bag of soil to plant in the metal pot. I told them that was really nice and the flowers were so pretty, but I hadn't planted anything in the pot because it's just too hard to keep it watered. I need something that doesn't need a lot of water. The guy said maybe a cactus would work. We all got a laugh over that!

Anyway, they did a good job and my sign is back up again. I feel better now.

And it's been really raining for a long time now!

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Betty Ann said...

Well that is a great ending to the story. Restores faith in people. And thank you God for the blessed rain.