Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I finally got the comfrey planted. I was trying to figure out where to put it because I was told they can take over pretty quick. So I had put them up under this cedar tree since I got them. They seemed to do well there. It's shaded most of the day and I read they don't like full sun. But can handle it if watered well. So decided to put them right here. I was going to buy some good soil but realized I have the best soil ever right here in the chicken-sheep yard. It's amazing stuff. I used some to plant the mints and rosemary in in the trough planter. And they are doing great. I also got 2 surprise tomato plants growing in with them!

I put this fencing up to keep the chickens out til they get established. I know they will grow huge and spread, so I'll have to see which way they go.

This is the soil from the sheep manure and chicken manure plus old hay the chickens are composting for me. I have 2 stalls that look like this, plus the chicken coop too.

Can't wait to start using this amazing plant. I'll make salves and soap with it. Plus let the animals have some too. Supposed to be really good for them.


StrictlyMystic said...

I'll bet both the salve and soap will be very soothing. How did your yogurt blend turn out?

Kris said...

I made some more yesterday and this morning it was actually thick when I put it in the fridge. I'll try some in the morning. It should be good.

Have you used comfrey?

StrictlyMystic said...

I use essential oils when making lotion bars, but haven't tried comfrey yet. It's on my "buy and try" list. Glad to hear that the yogurt was a success!