Thursday, August 4, 2016

A wreck.

My husband called me while I was at the farmers market Tuesday afternoon. He said we had a little excitement out here. My first thought was that the sheep had gotten out on the road and caused a wreck. But he said a car had lost control and ended up on the big metal pot under my farm sign. Broke the posts right in two and knocked the sign down.

If you can see that red mail box beyond the tree, that's where the car started . You can see the tracks in the grass.

Then I guess he flew over this stump and up onto the other stump, then the metal pot and the sign.

The stump in the last picture is to the left of the metal pot. I'm just glad the boy didn't go through the fence.

A teenager was driving. He said he just lost control of the car. His parents think he might have blacked out. He was ok but they went ahead and took him to get checked out. I think he was playing Pokemon Go.

They said they would be back yesterday to put the sign back up. It's still laying on the ground this morning.

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Betty Ann said...

First of all, I am happy he is OK. That being said, I think they should respect the damage that was done to your property and make an effort to correct it. I'm sure you have their names and address so you can file a police report and file a claim with their insurance if you don't hear from them in a reasonable time. Of course you get to take care of this in your "other" spare time. Sorry. You really didn't need this. You already have too much on your plate.