Friday, June 10, 2016

Zinnias and other things.

 The dogs like to go to the garden with me. I like them there, just in case there might be a snake. Or a mole. Which I have seen a few of. Moles. Not snakes yet. But if I do, those dogs will save me! The squash and zucchini are doing great! But I have to water them all the time. I got some of both last night and we had it for dinner. SO good!

The borage is starting to bloom. It's beautiful. The bees will be all over it soon.

This is my zinnia row. It has grown so fast in a week! Just full of flowers already. I picked a lot and put them in little vases for the market this afternoon. Plus some daisies and black eyed Susans.

                                                         All ready for market! Isn't this pretty?

Some more pottery all finished.  I have a show next weekend, so I will take all this, plus what I just did this week. I made some yarn bowls I hope will be ready to glaze by tomorrow.

I worked on some more clay yesterday. Made 2 yarn bowls and a big vase. I need to practice on making things taller and bigger.

And I finally got 6 good tall bigger mugs! I am very pleased with these.

There are already baby barn swallows! At least 3, maybe 4. They already have their little heads hanging over the sides, waiting on mommy and daddy to bring their food. They grow too fast, these little ones. Harry and Sally are busy, all day long. Then they both sleep on the wire next to the nest at night. I love these birds!

Ooppps! It wasn't showing up when I was loading pictures, so I clicked on it again.

But this is a side view of the mugs.

AND, at dinner last night, I saw a hummingbird fly to the window! I have a flower box with red and pink flowers in the window that they like. I have not seen them til then. My husband said he forgot to tell me but he saw them the day before. The feeder was in the kitchen, so I jumped up and fixed some sugar water and took it out to the tree for them. I am SO happy to see them! They usually come in late April, but they are late this year. Wonder why? Anyone else have any hummers?


Kim said...

I am just starting to get hummers here too! Not a lot of them yet! Love all your stuff. Good luck at market

Kris said...

I was getting a little worried about the little guys. So glad to see them again! And happy to hear yours are back too.

Very slow at market. Riverbend started today, so not many people at all.

Betty Ann said...

Our hummers usually show up a week before the tulip poplars bloom but this year they were about a month late. All day activity at our feeders now. Our daughter in Savannah has a busy feeder also. Strange year for a whole lot of things.