Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Flowers, a ripe tomato and a baby!

 I was picking zinnias yesterday morning for market and put the little buckets on the big bee hive. I just thought it was pretty.

And our first ripe tomato! It's a little bitty one, but the first! I hope there will be many many more and a whole lot bigger. No matter where I get tomatoes in summer, they never taste as good as my own.

Today when I got home, I went out to feed the chickens and get them put up for the night. I heard a baby chick. So I went to look and sure enough, under Miss Broody hen, there was a little wet chickie butt poking up in the air beside her! So I guess all was not lost when she got up off that nest full of eggs and went to sit on another nest of eggs. I thought for sure all the eggs would go bad. But we have at least 1 little chickie baby so far!!

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