Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yarn bowls

 I think we might get some rain here!!!! It did rain a little bit last night. And I hear thunder to the North of us. So hopefully someone's getting some rain.

Today is my day to stay home. I like Thursdays! I have to make dryer balls and some more bug-off bars for market. But right now, I am playing with clay. And it's been pretty good so far. I have been wanting to make some yarn bowls. Finally got 4 of them today. And then I want to make some taller cream pitchers. Got one and will work on more later. So far so good!

I'll add a handle later after I trim this little pitcher. I want to make more later.

Yesterday, I went to the pottery studio to finish glazing all my things. The alpaca shearer called yesterday morning, said he would possibly be here to shear later that day. So I hurried as fast as I could at the studio, thinking he'd call right in the middle of it all. But no call. So I finished up and we had a member meeting at 6 that I got to attend. Still have not heard anything else from the guy. I just called and left a message telling him I'll be here ALL day. My poor alpacas are so hot in all their wool. I had the hose on awhile ago and they both stood so close to me asking me to spray them. But I couldn't. I'm so afraid the guy will call and the boys will be all wet. I hope they will get sheared sometime soon. I am putting my name in for when they come shear all my friend's alpacas next year.

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