Friday, June 17, 2016

Around the yard...

 this is my new mint and rosemary garden. Because I needed more things to water right now. And I want ALL the mint and rosemary!

                         My old Bubba, in the window, guarding the house for us. He's a good ole boy.

                                                      Some of the day lilies, all blooming all over.

I tell ya what, there's nothing like going out in the mornings now and picking a hand full of juicy ripe blueberries out of the front yard!

Another little flower garden. The honey bees are using this bird bath for water. I'm trying to keep it clean and full for them all. I also finally got some humming birds again! They were late this year.

And an elderberry popped up in this little garden.

My little tire garden, planted with bee balm and red pineapple sage. A few of the Russian sage I planted last year came up.

And I forgot I had put this little pot of Hens and Chicks outside. So I got it all cleaned up and re-potted.

The rock garden kind of got a little out of hand. It needs weeded. I've been watering it a lot.

The front of the house and yard. I love these big trees for shade, but they sure are scary in a storm!

I have planted a lot of sunflowers for the honey bees. They are loaded down with all the pretty yellow pollen.

And the elderberries are blooming too, so the bees and lots of other insects, are taking advantage of them.

The bees are very busy right now. I am thankful for all the plants and trees and flowers that provide food for them and their brood. I hope these hives grow and grow!

This morning, when I went out to water and fill up water troughs and buckets for the critters, there was a snake in the big trough. I was wondering when I would see some. It's so dry here, I figured they would be around. Scared me to pieces! I do like like snakes and don't want them here at all.

I am getting ready for a big show in Ft. Oglethorpe tomorrow. Making more dryer balls. I'll get the car and truck loaded after the sun goes behind the garage. It's HOT out there.

Have a great weekend! And happy father's day to all you men out there!

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