Friday, June 3, 2016

Flowers for Friday...

Lots of Borage about ready to burst forth with beautiful blue flowers for the bees!

And zinnias everywhere! There are a few brand new blooms already. I can't wait to see this whole row of them in bloom!

And the wild daisies are still going strong, despite not having any rain the past few weeks here.

This is the buckwheat for the bees. It's also popped up here and there all over the garden.

And the squash is coming on really good! I fertilized a few weeks ago with some organic fertilizer. Plus all the watering. I hope to have lots of squash and zucchini! I've already seen lots of bees in the flowers!

I planted green beans way back on May 22nd. Then a few days later, planted sunflower seeds down the middle of the rows. Yesterday, I found 2 sunflowers popping up!!!! I love sunflowers!

So many pretty flowers coming out right now. To brighten up the world. And help the bees.

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