Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bees and birds

Last Thursday, I decided if I wanted honey, I better do it then. Because that was the last day of semi decent temps here. It's been in the high 90's since. And dry.

So went in and got the only shallow honey super. The bees were good that day.

This is all I got. And probably will be all I get all year. Since this is the hive that swarmed, I won't get any more. Or any from the other 2 hives.

Friday, when I came home from the market, I noticed the 1st swarm hive had bees bearding on the front of the hive. I thought, poor hot bees, I will try to help you. Ha! Do not ever mess with a hive of hot bees!!!

I went over as soon as I got out of the car and opened the top so I could put a stick under the lid for ventilation. BAD IDEA Kris! As soon as I opened the top, a very mad bee came at me and stung me right on my right index finger. Dang, it hurt! Got the huge stinger out and ran to get plantain salve. It was so swollen in just a few minutes. And I had goats to milk. Ugh, it really hurt.

So I learn as I go around here. Can't do anything nice for hot bees.

And these baby barn swallows! Goodness, they are growing like little weeds. There are 4, maybe 5. And they are already sitting on the edge of the nest. I keep telling them to get back in or you'll fall out. And there will be a cat right there as soon as it does. But so far, they are all still there. They are SO cute! And Harry and Sally are such good parents. All day long, they are in and out, feeding those hungry babies. They'll be gone soon.

So, I am watering my gardens every day. Even fruit trees and bushes. My beans that I planted back May 22nd are still just a few inches tall.  It's bad. And to top it off, we have Japanese beetles. All over everything. But I am so glad I leave weeds in with the actual plants, because they are all over them first. And the wild grape leaves. So when they are all gone, they will be on the food. And I see lots of grass hoppers too.

But I am getting squash and zucchini! And selling it at the markets! And the tomatoes are looking good. Maybe some ripe ones soon.


Betty Ann said...

Ouch! But that is a good bit of beautiful honey. Been out of town. Glad to get home and catch up on your doings. You keep me inspired.

Kris said...

I missed you! Your sister wants dryer balls. Tell her to email me at outbackfarm@gmail.com.