Monday, June 20, 2016

Before and after...

 the alpacas finally got sheared today!!!!! I am SO relieved and I know they are too. It's been so hot here. And I've been afraid to get them wet, thinking the other guy would be here any day and they'd be wet and couldn't be sheared. So now, they can get soaking wet if they want to. And they sure did, right after they were done.

And look at these poor little skinny guys! They are so happy to have all that 6" of fiber off of them! They were not happy at all while it was happening though. Poor guys. But it was ALL worth it.

They got their   feet trimmed. CDT shots. Eyes checked. By the way, they were both bright pink!! So no sings of parasites!

But man, are they little now!

And Sugar is wet. He lays down like this when I spray them down.

And the sheep kept looking at them and sniffing them. It was quite funny! But they are all back together again and doing great. SO glad this is over. And I met a lady who lives in the area who shears alpacas who said she will do mine next year! So, this will not happen again.


Denny Gross said...

I had no idea they were so skinny under all that hair. How do they manage those heavy loads you see them carrying in those pictures you see of South American natives? Maybe they're beefier in the Andes :)

Kris said...

I don't know. But these guys are healthy and no parasites. It's just so dry here and nothing much growing. I need to get a round bale I think. Oh, and they are a whole lot stronger than you'd think! These guys weren't going down without a fight! It took 3 of us to get them down.