Monday, August 10, 2015

Tybee beach

 I loved this view. Every day it was always a different view. A few times there were big shops or shrimp boats. And every day the sky was different. Most of the time, it was cloudy. And very windy. That's the way I always remember Tybee. Windy. But it was nice.

There are like porch swings on either end of every walkway, all along the beach. I sat in them a lot. I really hate sand. Especially beach sand. So I sat on swings. And did a lot of knitting. Which I am quite obsessed with at the moment. I love knitting!

But it was really peaceful there. I loved the beach in the early morning or later afternoon-evening.

There's a bird in there, if you can see it.

This silly black bird hung around awhile. I thought he was quite interesting. I wonder what he was looking for? Something shiny, I'm sure.

Me and Chloe's feet in the water.  I stood in the same place, as the water rushed over my feet, and I sank lower and lower. Chloe thought I was sinking! I was cool.

More later...

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