Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some chickens...

 Yes, I still have my rooster. Black Bart has been really good. No more attacks. I've been carrying a big stick with me to the coop but haven't had to use it. Now the chickens are are in lock-down til my seeds start growing. I planted the buckwheat last night and will get the kale, lettuce and collards planted later today or Saturday.

Here's the 2 momma hens with their little chick. That chick stays really close to her mommas.

My clean-up crew. They are right there when I'm mowing and tilling.

These are the 2 chicks that hatched last time. A rooster and a little hen. The roo will need to go soon. I do not want 2 roos.

Some of the last of the garden right here. Although the peppers are still going strong. But tomatoes are no more.

Had a really long day yesterday. My husband had an appointment at 12:30 at the wound care center. We were there 4 hours. They finally got him back in a room about an hour and a half later. Then the doctor came in, cut the wound on his foot twice as big as it was, and left the room. It was bleeding so bad, they couldn't get it to stop til about 4. It was pretty bad. They finally got it stopped and we left. I still had to go to the bank, feed store, grocery store, pay some bills. I was stressing out big time. So next time, I'm dropping him off at the door and doing my errands, then come back for him.

Today, my niece came from Tn. to learn to make soap. We made some hot process goat milk soap. I made plain with oatmeal and honey. She made lavender with oats. She made me some soap molds, so that was a good exchange. Now I have 4 good wooden molds. I need to make a bunch more.


Kim said...

Prayers going up for your husbands healing.

Kris said...

Thank you so much Kim! It's looking better already.

liv said...

i have a rooster that is kind of on the chopping block too! he attacked me once from behind so now i'm always nervous. on the other hand, he does a fabulous job of protecting the hens and i feel like he is lucky because he survived as a "hen" already once since they are only breeding for hens. anyway, lovely photos of your chickens!

Kris said...

Thank you. I am keeping all the chickens in the coop and run now til my garden starts coming in, so I'm not worried about Black Bart anymore. He is going to be here for awhile. I'm glad yours is safe too!