Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dang rooster!

Black Bart attacked me this morning. In the coop. I was feeding the one little lone chick that made it from the snake invasion a few nights ago. I was trying to keep the other hens away and he came up behind me and got me twice. I was bleeding like crazy and it hurt so bad. I could hardly walk it hurt. And blood gushing out and down my leg. I cried. A lot. And screamed and cussed that damn rooster up and down.

I was just shocked that he'd do this to me. I have always said what a wonderful rooster he is. Now I am wondering if he tried to do this a few weeks ago. They always follow me to the coop for dinner in the evening. He was right behind me and I stopped for some reason and he ran into my right leg. I just thought he was so close that when I stopped, he ran into my leg. Well, it bled then too, but not like this. I thought his beak got me. But now I'm thinking he was attacking me.

So now I'm afraid to go outside. And we have our youngest grand daughter today. And the Dish guy is coming out to hook us back up to Dish. We were stupid and switched to Direct. We HATE Direct! So they will be gone today. And also the Home Health nurse is coming out to check my husbands foot. So we called to let them know to call before they get here because we now have an attack rooster. Don't know what I can do though. Stand out there and let him attack me instead of them? This ain't good folks.

I guess Black Bart might make some good chicken broth.


Linda said...

OMG Kris that looks horrible. I would carry a tobacco stick with me when I went outside. If he comes at you knock him for a loop and show him who is boss. You may be able to break him of that habit. If not rooster soup for sure.

Be careful with that wound those punctures are the worst kind of wound. Take care of yourself and watch your back.


Kris said...

Thanks Linda. The worst one is now huge. The home health nurse said I should really go to a clinic fast. But I had a tetanus shot about 3 1/2 years ago. And Tiny has some Cipro antibiotic I might start taking, just in case. It hurts so bad! And he came after me awhile ago when I was going to the car. Had to run. Tonight, after they go in the coop, I am locking them up til I can figure out what to do with him.

Linda said...

Kris I almost lost my lower leg to a rooster puncture just like yours. 48 hours after the fact my leg went septic and also had celulitus. I ended up going to the emergency room and they put me on super strong antibiotics and told me if it wasn't better in 24 hours they would have to remove the tissue in that area. Maybe you better go to the doctor and get checked out.

Take care


Kris said...

It's much better tonight. I've been keeping it clean and started the antibiotic. That sounds horrible to have gone through Linda. I can't imagine.

Kim said...

I had a rooster come at me once and I took to carrying my walking stick when ever I went out of doors. He snuck up behind me once and I caught a sideview of him coming thru the air at me. The stick was hanging from my wrist with a piece of leather and I just swung my arm at him. I think the stick went under him and came up from there. Cause when he hit the ground he had one wing backwards and was dragging his hindself. I think I hit the family jewels!! I went inside to get the gun to put him out of his misery. (5 mins.) then he looked like he started to get better!! But he walked a wide path around me for along time and never bothered anyone else.

An At Home Daughter said...

Sorry about your leg.

We have a rule around here that all nasty roosters get their heads chopped off. My mom for many years has removed the spurs from the roosters so they can't hurt the hens. She would pop them off with a pair of pliers, but sometimes it knocks the inner tissue (looks like a little spur, but like jelly) and causes them to bleed, so then she would have to cauterize them. Since we got the goat dehorner that thing is amazing. She just burns their spurs right off with it.

But he really sounds to nasty to worry about removing his spurs, because he will still use his beak.

My mom had a couple of gorgeous langshan that when they reached a certain age (at least a year old) started attacking the grandkids. We couldn't break them of it, cause they could see the kids fear, so it was off with their heads too.

Betty Ann said...

Oh dear, Kris! So sorry! Please take careful care of that puncture wound! Very dangerous if it goes septic. Two of Kristin's roos were evil mean birds in past years. Both were summarily dispatched.

A.N King said...

I am very sorry to see you wounded and agree with you. Sounds like it's Bart's turn for a dip in the hot pot bath. I hope you get a chance to heal and rest up. We are thinking about you and your family here at the Heart of Home.

Kris said...

Thank you all. I have my leg wrapped now with plantain, honey and ACV. I was on it most of the day and I could tell. It was swollen and hurting. But I have it up now. And will most of the day tomorrow. Not going anywhere til Friday.