Sunday, August 9, 2015

Goats and boats.

Hello again my friends! I am SO glad to be back home again! It's been a long 1 1/2 weeks for sure. And over 1000 miles. But we had fun.

So here are my new goat kids. I got them from my friends Bill and Jane at The Pocket Farm, over the ridge from me. They have a very spoiled herd of goats. I got 2 sets of brothers and sisters. She has the line of goats that Penelope came from. I had her for several years. Really great doe. She was naturally polled. She usually had one with horns and one without. So Alva and Oden are brother and sister and they are from this line. Both hornless! I sure hope they throw some hornless kids.

This is Alva on the left and Inga on the right. Inga and her brother (who I have here til my friend up the road builds a buck pen) were obviously bottle fed and handled a lot, because they are super friendly. Alva and Oden were not handled much and are very skittish. But Alva looks so much like Penelope. She'll be a fantastic milker in a few years. They are all about 5 months old. The girls are in back with Freja and Olga. They are all getting along great so far. The big girls sometimes ram into the little girls, but that's to be expected with goats.

This is Oden. He's so cute!. Both he and Alva have elf ears, so they have a little Nubian and Alpine in them too. I named the girl Alva because it means female elf. A perfect name for her. Oden is over at my friend Cara's farm right now, visiting her girls. Cara milks for me while I'm gone. I love her!

Just an udder shot for y'all. Freja is doing great. Still getting half a gallon each day. Poor Cara had a hard time this time, trying to get her to come into the milk room. I have never had goats like Freja and Olga. They are the jumpiest goats ever. Every little thing they see, they'll stop and act like they're scared to death and want to go back. It takes a few minutes to get them to go into the milk room. Cara called me Friday and said she just could not get Freja into the milk room, so she didn't get milked that morning. When I got home, I milked a half gallon. She's the strangest goat. Her udder is finally evening out, so they are both about the same now.

Last weekend was the Sherrill family reunion up in Ozone and Crossville Tn. Saturday, we all met at Camp Ozone. It was beautiful. The perfect day for a reunion. They have cabins there, so Tiny and the girls stayed the night. I had to go home to milk. It was just $10 per person per night. I think me and Tiny will go back sometime for a few days. There's a beautiful lake with paddle boats and canoes. Good fishing. It's quiet there, although Hwy. 40 runs nearby. Can hardly hear anything.  We had the best time, visiting family, seeing new babies, eating lots of good food.

Kansas and her cousin Jewel, on the pretty lake.

Then Sunday, we all go over to Crossville to the big park. That's where the rest of the Sherrill family  meet. Then we eat a whole lot more there. It's so fun to talk to all the out of town family. Most come from Indiana and Ohio.

Another goat kid shot. Alva is so cute, with her little ears. I have been reading about banding goat horns and might do it to Inga later, when it starts getting cooler, so there won't be so many flies. She's young and will be ok. I just do not like horns. All the others don't have horns. And it seems when I have 1 goat with horns, she's always meaner and uses the horns.

I will have LOTS of beach pictures this week to share. We had so much fun there. But so wanted to be back home. My husband had to be put in the hospital because his left foot got infected. While I was gone. But he was in great hands there and well taken care of. I would have sat in his room and knit. And I did a lot of that at the beach. So he said I should stay there. I got him out yesterday, so he's back home. I just have to get the 2 older grands back to their house today, so they can get ready for school later this week. Yay, school! And then we are back to normal. I hope.


Betty Ann said...

Hi Kris! You know I love goat and beach pics! with a daughter in Savannah, we sure know Tybee! I hope you had some pizza and beer at Huckapoo's. I had to chuckle when you mentioned things would get back to "normal". Notice that's in quotes. :)

Kris said...

I love Savannah! We used to live there years ago when I was a teen. Went to school on Bull St. No, we did not have pizza anywhere. We ate at the Pirate's House Thursday. I love that place. Yeah, not really sure what "normal" is anymore.