Thursday, August 13, 2015

More Savannah...

 This is the house my mom, brother, sister and I lived in when I was 12-14. I loved it there. Just a few blocks from the beach and near the light house and the old fort. It was an old bakery and we had the left side. It has a huge old oak tree to the side, where we'd climb and my brother built a tree house.

This is one of the squares in Savannah. My 3 beautiful grand daughters, Kansas, Coryn and Chloe.

And this is the first house tour we went on. I cannot remember the names of the houses, sorry. But there's a gift shop at the bottom right corner of the house. That's where the tour starts. And they are leaning more towards letting people take inside pictures.

This is the 2nd house we toured. It was bought by a young single lady way back in the Great Depression. Fawlkner I think. She went on to buy several more houses in Savannah, on her own. Also owned antique stores. She was quite a lady, way back in the day.

She added this really big nice 3rd floor for her Irish servants.

I just love Savannah and all the old buildings and doors and secret places.

I took SO many pictures I won't bore y'all with. But it was really fun. And Savannah is a great place to go. I would love to go by myself once, just so I can take my time and wander the streets. It's really beautiful there. Maybe in later Fall?

So last night, after being on my feet all day yesterday, my leg was huge. And hurting pretty bad. I was just a bit scared to be honest. Thinking I might better get to a doctor in the morning. But my friend Stephanie had called and told me to get plantain leaves, crush them up, put a little honey and ACV in it, and put it on the wounds and wrap it up. So I did that last night when I got home. Kept my leg up til I went to bed. I have 2 pillows I put my leg up on in bed. This morning, it feels SO much better. I mean, I was scared and worried and cried a little. I know, I'm a big baby really. But I was just thinking of all the doctor bills and how we just really cannot afford anything extra right now. Especially with my husband just being in the hospital for 5 days last week. So I am feeling a lot better, knowing I will pull through this. I am so mad at that darn rooster. They are still locked up, til I get better and can figure out what to do.

I had to go out back to give the buck (who is not mine, he's just staying here til the guy comes to get him) some worm meds. He had horns too. Well, he almost got me right on my left leg with a horn. I should have just stopped and let the guy do it when he comes to get him, but I finally got it in him. Darn buck!

So I'm just hanging out here today. Just finished another wool hat. Going to start on a cowel or shawl next, with some of that beautiful Romney wool. Just need a pretty pattern to use. I'll look through all my Taproot magazines to see what's in them that I could use.

Y'all have a great Thursday!


An At Home Daughter said...

I cut my hand real good a few months ago. I was trimming a baby goats hooves and she started shaking her back leg. I shoved the end of the dirty trimmers right into my palm in the meat near my thumb. I went to our local clinic and they showed me how to keep it bandaged shut. I declined the tetanus shot, since I haven't gotten any vaccines since I got Graves Disease after getting a tetanus shot when I was 14. Anyways my mom suggested I take large amounts of vitamin c, so I started out taking 3 1000 mg Ester-C a day. It really helped with the inflammation a lot. If I stopped taking it it would start getting inflamed again, so I continued and it healed quite fast, but it really did help!

I don't think Ester-C costs much and you can get it at Walmart.

Kris said...

I did the same thing the last time I trimmed the goat hooves. Not hard to do. I never had a problem with that. I guess it'd be a good idea to wear leather gloves.

This morning, my leg is almost back to normal size. I mixed up some turmeric and aloe last night after I took a shower, and put that on the wounds with band aides. I can actually walk down the stairs like normal this morning!! So I am on the mend!

I will get some Vit. C when I go to the store today. I think I'll not take any more antibiotic, because I can feel a little bit of the start of the yeast infection anyway. Daen it!