Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My leg. And some elderberries.

So yesterday, I was thinking my leg looked lots better. It seemed to not be hurting as much as at first. I did go ahead and start on the Cipro last night. I always seem to get a nasty yeast infection the few times I have taken antibiotics. I know if you eat yogurt, it's supposed to help. But the last time, I was eating the yogurt with the pill and they were counter-acting each other and I got a yeast infection anyway.

So I did a little research and found several places that said to eat yogurt 2 hours before you take the antibiotic. So I did. And this morning too. I hate waiting because I think I'll forget. I sure hope this helps. I have plain yogurt that's really good and thick. Wish me luck!

So I've been trying to keep my leg propped up since this happened. But last night, my whole middle section of my leg was huge! Like I couldn't even see my kneecap. I was a bit worried. But no streaks or excessive redness. I slept with my leg up on 2 pillows last night, so this morning it looks a bit better.

I'm going to meet my mom today, and she might insist I go to a doctor. But really, all they'll do is give me a prescription for antibiotics and charge a fortune just to get in. (And I have no insurance) When I have  a good fresh bottle right here. And Cipro is used for skin problems, staph, E-coli, and various other problems. So I think this is a good one for this  just kind problem.

It's kind of strange that both my husband and I are having problems with our left legs right now. He ended up in the hospital last Tuesday, while me and the kids were at the beach. His left foot had a blister that just got out of control and got infected. His doctor put him in Memorial on Tuesday. He got out Saturday. His foot is SO much better. They got it in time. If he'd waited just a day or two longer, he'd have lost his foot. But it's good now, thank the Lord. So we are both limping around the house, looking quite pitiful right now.

And I have elderberries! I've never gotten the berries because the birds get them first. I've always had to buy them to make my syrup. But not this year! I have them all over the place. And a friend gave me hers. I am so happy about this! I am trying to dry them, but am wondering if they can just be frozen? Aren't they beautiful?

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Betty Ann said...

Praying for you. Mini clinics are not that horribly expensive so be very vigilant and get medical attention if things don't improve.

The elderberries are beautiful.