Monday, April 27, 2015

Around the farm

 Not a whole lot going on around here yet. But we're working on it. I'm waiting for it to dry up so later this afternoon, I can go mow the clover down. It's supposed to be nice til Wed. So I hope to go get some tomato plants and some other things. And seeds. So I might be able to get a garden going. I saw on FB where this guy is making a bean tunnel out of bamboo. I know where a bamboo jungle is, so I might go cut down a bunch and try this. It looks so cool.

So hubby went out this morning to weed eat around the electric fence. It was getting a bit over grown back there. I am planning on getting a couple of goats again. Just because I really miss them. And milk is expensive. And we drink a lot of it. And they'll pay fro their selves real fast. And I am planning on getting a few pigs in July. And I'd love to have a calf to raise again. So I think a few milk does will be needed here. I'll keep the sheep out of the back from now on, so it'll grow back up again. So it'll be ready for the goats.

I was outside awhile ago, taking pictures and saw the new growth on 3 of the fig bushes. I thought they were all dead. Fickle figs. I just never know about these. We killed the one by the fence, where we have to go through to get to the studio. It just wasn't a good place for it. And the plumbers had to go through too. So it's gone. But I was just surprised and happy to see the new growth. I'll do some more trimming on the dead branches and mulch around them.

And this is a big Burdock. I have several of them around. Obviously, there are some in the sheep pastures too. Because they were covered in them last fall. I hope I can get them out of the pastures before it's too late again. These things are brutal on wool. But, I have heard they are good to eat. The roots, anyway. So I want to get some of them really big and dig them up for the roots.

And I was so sick of nasty filthy dogs, I gave them both showers this morning. I also cleaned Stella's crate and washed all the rugs. So now, I have nice clean dogs. For a few hours anyway. Til they go back outside and roll in chicken or sheep poop. Or get out and run back to the dirty filthy pond out back. Or chase a skunk. Yeah, it won't last long.

And a friend has some shears she uses to shear her donkeys. She said she'd come shear poor ole Bubba. He is miserable when it gets so hot. And there is dog hair ALL OVER my house. All the time! I hate it. He will feel better and I will too. I use a curry comb on him and now there is dog hair all over the yard. And still, there is hair just hanging off him.

Stella, all nice and clean, in her clean crate. She's so pretty when she's clean. But it won't last long at all.

So this last weekend was pretty busy. We went to my niece's daughter's wedding in Spring City Saturday. It was like a family reunion in April. Lots of Indiana people and some from Mo. So fun to see everyone. The big reunion is in August, so this was fun.

Sunday, I went to a church up the road that I've wanted to go to for years. I know the preacher and his wife. Great people. And so nice and helpful. And I'm walking with a friend who goes there. I also know lots of the people who are members there. So it felt very comfortable there. Like an old timey country church. All the old hymns that I know. Just a good church.

Then after church, I went to the Chattanooga Market. It was the grand opening for the season Sat. and Sun. So hundreds of people. So many people, it took forever to go down one aisle. But saw so many nice things. And saw some neighbors, from way out here! So fun. I bought some fresh local strawberries. And some shea butter from some friends. I use it to make soap. Which I need to make more of. I have soap at the local feed store in Flintstone now, and have sold a lot. I need to go add more and different soaps.

I am waiting on my bee friend to come later today, to help me with my hive. I am hoping he'll say it can be slpit. So I have the other hive ready, just in case. If I have to, I can run to town and buy a new queen later. I hope I'll be able to split this hive. It's doing so good.

And still waiting on news about sheep shearing. She said she'd be here mid to late April. I know my sheep are ready. And I could take the 2 wethers to the butcher tomorrow, but I'd like to get them sheared first. I can bring them next week though.

So, that's it for now. I want to post about my Cade's Cove trip later.  I hope you all had a great weekend.

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