Thursday, April 23, 2015

The birds and the bees.

 This hen. I have tried everything to get her to stop being broody. I take the eggs from her every day. I dunk her rear end in cold water to cool it off. Nothing works.  Monday, I didn't gather eggs. The next morning, she's on 5 eggs. So I am going to let her have them. She's still on them. Just the 5. I got 5 eggs from the other nest boxes, so she's pretty much settled on those 5. We shall see what happens in about 19 days or so. I haven't had chicks in a few years. Because when the hens did set on eggs, about 75% turned out to be roosters. But I know a few people who could use some roos.

Some hens are just so stubborn and want to be mothers so bad. I bet this one will be a good little momma.

I did a semi thorough hive inspection a few days ago. Not much going on in the top floor. I have 4 boxes on the hive now. Maybe I should take the top box off? I have no clue about bee keeping. They seem to be a really healthy hive of bees. Lots of activity. And the top box has lots of smaller bees. So I assume they are new bees?

The SHB traps didn't have much in them. And what were in them were long dead. This hive is so full and healthy, they are taking care of the beetles themselves now.

This is the 2nd box. Lots of busy bees here.

I could not get the 2 bottom boxes separated, so I don't know what was going on down there. I really need my bee mentor to come over and help me. I smell honey all over though and really want honey. I'm nearly out.

This is from the 3rd box. Looks like the start of some beautiful golden honey right there.

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