Saturday, February 28, 2015

The lamb and the hen.

Went out this afternoon to gather eggs. Can you see that black thing at the top of the hay bale?

It's a hen. She had the best ever nest in the top of this hay bale. Nice and comfy. She was there to stay for awhile.

   Til Cassidy, the sweet lamb, came to see what she was doing up there. All by herself. All comfy cozy.

           She asked the hen, "Can I see what'cha got in there? Is it something good? Huh? Huh?"

                                                                    And the hen left.

                                                                              The end.


Sandra Morris said...

:) cute!!

Kristin said...

Nosey little baby!

Iris said...

I love it! Animals are so entertaining!

Abby said...

Nice story

Kris said...

Thanks y'all. I love my animals.

Linda said...

That's a great story! Its neat when you get to catch the "happening" while its unfolding. That lamb is a cutie.