Thursday, February 19, 2015

How many days til spring???

It's been a week since I posted last. Goodness. I have no idea why, other than just laziness I suppose. And trying to stay warm. Well, not really laziness when I am trying to keep animals watered and fed and alive. It's been SO COLD here the past week. I mean, like 8 degrees last night and tonight. And not much higher than that during the day. It's so cold, I have to haul warm water to the sheep and chickens several times a day because it freezes fast.

I know it's cold all over right now and I shouldn't complain. But I read on someone's FB post that last year this same time, we were at 70. That's a really dig difference.

I am so glad I did not breed my sheep. I see a flock of Katahdin sheep up the road popping out lambs this week and I feel so sorry for the lambs. They have no shelter at all. And it's so cold. I know they are sheep, but these are new born babies. The big cattle farm about a mile from me used to have calves in Jan. and Feb. but is now having them earlier. I am so glad.  It's just hard on little baby animals. But they survive somehow. All that good warm milk from momma.

I hope you all are staying warm where ever you are. We have a wood stove that we have been keeping filled up. It's a lot warmer this year because the wood is nice and seasoned. Last year we couldn't get the house warm when it got below 40. But now it stays about 70.

In other news, I am working on dreads. I have always liked dreads. And have been thinking about doing my hair in dreads. I have long hair nearly to my back end. And I hate washing my hair. It's always in either a pony tail or bun. So much easier to take care of that way. So I've done 3 so far. And I really love them. They are underneath in the back. And tonight, I wrapped them in some blue yarn. I hope it will make them lock faster. I also did one in Kansas' hair in back. She loves it. I'll probably do her whole head this summer. I always said she should just have dreads. She really hates to brush her hair. She could just do the neglect method, but I don't know. It would all be a matted mess. So I don't think I'll do my whole head in dreads. And I have only done the top half so far. So the bottom is normal hair. I might just do some and be done. I'll just see how my hair does. Most people say their hair has a mind of it's own when it comes to dreads. We shall see.


Betty Ann said...

Welcome back! I was beginning to wonder. So very cold. K's goats have been kidding all week. At least the babies have a barn stall and a huge dog house to snuggle together inside. Our chimney needed replacing because the mortar failed on the stone so the roof leaked. We usually heat with wood but the fireplace has been out of commission this week. Great timing. Can't wait for the gas bill. Glad all is well with you. Are you going to show us a picture of your dreads??

Lisa said...

Hey Kris
Lisa from MJ's here (Linda's friend)
I would LOVE to do dreads, but am a real estate appraiser in a conservative market, not sure how that would go over.
Check out "Nesting Gypsy", Sara Jansen's blog. She has a link on dreads. I think she even wrote a book about it.
Good Luck!, and we'd love to see a pic (although I doubt that will happen..HAHA)

Kris said...

I might get a pic from behind. I just hate to have my picture taken. But so far, I am loving my 3 dreads so far.

And hey Lisa. Haven't heard from you in a long time. Or Linda either. I'll have to call her. And I'm going to check out that Nesting Gypsy. I joined a dread forum and hear so many things.